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Intra-Community airlines offer cheaper fares and direct connectivity. An exciting range of national and international flight bookings. Cheap flights from Zhengzhou to Shanghai Enter your trip information and find cheap Zhengzhou to Shanghai flight discounts Find easy flight options and make reservations from Zhengzhou to Shanghai flight discounts. Comparison of real-time multi-carrier fares makes it easy to find the best flight from Zhengzhou to Shanghai. Find the best Zhengzhou to Shanghai flight offer by flight hour, flight departures, flight arrivals, flight durations or fare.

The above mentioned values are in 24-hour timeframe. The above flight information is provided by China Civil Aviation Information Network Co, Ltd.

JAL Yokoso /Visit Japan Fare - JAL

More than 30 Japanese towns and cities serviced by JAL (excluding FDA and Jetstar Japan flights) and Japan Transocean Air (JTA) located in Naha Okinawa are eligible for this fares. A prerequisite is that the journey to and from Japan from abroad must be carried out with one-world carriages. In addition, the Tariff is only available abroad and is not sold in Japan. Available in one industry segment, the one-way one-way one-way one-way business Yokoso/Visit Japan Tariff is available for two month from the date of departure of the first industry segment or as part of the international ticket expiration date, whichever is first.

Ticket price: Please note that there is a Passenger Facility Charge on the rates for connecting Haneda, Narita, Chubu and Kitakyushu airports. The place of domicile must be outside Japan - see below *. For international trips to/from Japan, AA/AY/BA/CX/IB/JJ/JL/KA/LA/MH/QF/QR/RJ/S7/UL/XL/4M must be used. The international airfare must be Round Trip, Circle Trip or Open Jaw.

Travel must be from outside Japan to/via Japan. One YOKOSO Japan fare per international fare. The international tickets must be presented at check-in. Citizens of Japan are not entitled to the YOKOSO Japan Tariffs. Passengers must present a valid passport to prove their place of abode outside Japan at the point of issue and check-in.

Clients who do not comply with these authorisation requirements may be asked to buy a new ticketing when checked in at the airports. J Class, First Class is not available, but can be bought at check-in in stand-by mode. Valid for all JL and NU internal services performed by JL, NU and J-Air.

In the first inland area, travellers who bought a ticket before 31 March 2017 may be available at the airports for an early same flight on the same date and on the same flight path as initially reserved. The date for the rest of the sections can be modified at any moment. Completely not used - refund of the ticket price minus JPY 5,000.

In the above cases (1) and (2) a reimbursement is not allowed in Japan.

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