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Sacramento aircraft rental

Nik is our chief pilot and supervises the entire flight training at Sacramento Aviation. The Lincoln Flight Training, Sacramento Flight Training, Accelerated Flight Training, FAA Testing Center. As Northern California's leader in flight training, aircraft maintenance and management, we are committed to maximum integration.

Cessna aircraft rental Sacramento Executive Airport hire

Sacramento aircraft rental - Executive Flyers, Inc. Call-to-Verify Ratios & AvailabilityAdditional Club BenefitsThis month's newsletters, 5% off most equipment and lower aircraft rentals! Trainee licence or better and a cash register by an Executive Flyers Trainer in the aircraft. Privatpilotenlizenz or better (student flyers can only operate dual).

Unless you have an earlier G-1000 recorded period, you will need four hour floor instruction and at least two hour flying experience as well as the signature of an Executive Flyers Trainer acting as a PIC on the aircraft. Once you have recorded 25 G-1000 hour periods, you can checkout with an aircraft inspector.

Pilot with a rating for instruments are obliged to prove their knowledge of instruments in the aircraft before they receive an acceptance. Prices were last revised on 1 August 2017 and are changeable without prior notification. Do you need more information about Sacramento Aircraft Rental?

Training and rental of aircraft in Sacramento CA

That is our last added Cessna 172. Inside this gorgeous little creature is a gorgeous new padding and a neat serial dashboard with a Garman 530. The aircraft is ideal for everyone and provides a third aircraft for those who want to complete their education in our Cessna 172's.

The Cessna 152 is a single two-seater aircraft that can be rented at an accessible cost. It is lightweight and easily flyable, fitted with a base kit of vapour meters and a forward speed control for off-road use. From May 2016 she has a brand-new motor that will run strongly and make starting and climbing child's play.

At last, we are pleased to be able to present this light sports aircraft to you. This aircraft allows you to practice for a Light Sports Licence. Light aircraft don't need you to have a doctor to help you out. The two planes are almost the same. Featuring a Garmin 430 WAAS, 200 hp, pull-in landing gear, propeller with steady velocity, it is the ideal aircraft for those seeking either a business licence, an instruments evaluation or a CFI.

It'?s also a great all-terrain one. Recently this nice aircraft has received a brandnew paintwork and bolster. Well, if so, then this is the ideal aeroplane for you. You can also get your tail wheel support, spinnin' and even try some take-offs and lands off the air with this aircraft.

The Cessna 172 and Cessna 152 are great instructors for new riders as they are good and forbearing. The Cessna 172 is also ideal for instrumental and spinning use. The Citabria 7KCAB is perfectly suited to increase tail wheel uptime. There' s no filthy streak too much for this plane. There are all these amazing aircraft available for checkout and hire.

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