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to and from BWI Airport Washington DC (4 Easy Options) | In this article we compare the different ways to reach Washington, DC from Baltimore / Washington International Airport. We' ve ordered the different transport choices from cheap to pricey, with an evaluation of each to help you find the best for you. The MARC is an effective and simple way to get from Baltimore to DC.

The Penn Line is used by many for transportation to and from BWI Airport. There are 4 extra stations before they arrive at the BWI. MARC is a very fast and effective way to get between BWI and Washington, DC, as the overall length of the trip from DC to BWI is approximately 35mins.

We offer a full range of services both on days of the week and on weekend. There are frequent weekly departures because so many people use the Penn Line. Passengers will be able to catch the first at 4:40 a.m. from BWI and the first at 5:50 a.m. from Union Station. There will be a continuation of services every 20 min during peak hours and then every 1 hr during the remainder of the daily hours until 9.30 p.m. and 10.30 p.m. when the last services leave from BWI or Union Station.

Saturdays are between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m. and run hourly during peak times and every few working hours during lunchtime. Sunday is an even less frequent Sunday, with only 6 runs from BWI or Union Stations throughout the year. MARC is highly dependable and very inexpensive as long as you buy your ticket at the railway stations before you board the car.

Disadvantage: Weekend railways run somewhat infrequently, especially on Sundays. Besides, there's no such thing as belated duty. There is also an Amtrak rail link from BWI Marshall Rail Station to Union Station in DC. There is a free shuttleservice between the airport and the BWI-Bahnhof. Rail tickets to Union Station vary according to your journey times, but you should spend between $15 and $45 on a one-way fare.

Last minute or peak time ticket purchases are usually much more costly. The Saver, the lowest priced alternative, is non-refundable and does not offer student, seniors or AAA member rebates. Amtrak takes between 21 and 27 min, which is the quickest way for visitors to move between BWI and Union Station.

Train runs every 10-60 min, according to the hour of the morning. Train departure is 3 a.m. for the first train and 22 p.m. for the last. On some Amtrak services, travellers are not allowed to take hold luggage with them, so be sure to control your free luggage allowances according to your needs. Extremely quick and effective services.

The Amtrak is the fastest transport between BWI and Washington, DC. Disadvantages: Although it is possible to find cheap Amtrak passes, this is often one of the more costly ways to travel. However, it is not always easy to find Amtrak passes. A further possibility is to take the Metrobus, which runs between Greenbelt (the subway stops most northerly on the Green Line) and BWI Airport.

It takes about 32 min to get from Union Station to Greenbelt by subway, and then 35 min to get from Greenbelt to BWI by subway. The BWI Metrobus (B30) runs hourly on workdays from 6 am to 9 pm. There'?s no more weekends. Transportation costs are $6 per leg, plus the costs of the subway from your departure point to Greenbelt Station.

In this case, BWI Metrobus is just as costly as the MARC rail. A very cheap options that will run periodically on days of the week. The GO Airport Shuttle provides round-the-clock pick-up and drop-off from and to the airport with your own car or community car - you can even rent a limos! Entrance to entrance services.

Great for those with baggage or want a straight forward wait at a lower price. Provides auto seating or kennels if you travel with kids and domestic animals. Disadvantages: Can take a long period of your stay, depends on the volume of vehicles and how many others are set down in front of you. The SuperShuttle may be the simplest and cheapest alternative if you travel with a group or large group.

Visitors have the choice between a carpool minivan as the least costly alternative or a slightly more costly non-stop minivan. ExecuCars, an ExecuCars vehicle, an exclusive door-to-door transport solution, is also available. Prices differ greatly according to your destinations and SuperShuttle services.

For those who are travelling as a couple or group, there is a reduced price in comparison to those travelling alone. In addition, those interested in travelling by SUV ExamCar will be charged $113. On the other side, a group of 5 people can take the SuperShuttle for a combined trip for a combined $85, the SuperShuttle without interruption for a combined $125 or the SUV ExpressCar for a combined $113.

Although the convenience of a door-to-door shuttleservice is attractive, you should always consider the amount of elapsed travelling times, as journeys during peak hours can take well over an hours. Simple possibility to go, perfect for bigger family or those with small kids who do not want to use local transport.

Disadvantages: A very costly option for those travelling alone or in pairs (although Viator does offer an offer for $24/person). SuperShuttle with a lift can take a long while, especially if you are travelling during peak hours. You can also rent a taxi from the airport directly to the DC.

Over/Lyft without additional surcharges typically costs between $41 and $55, although the rate may rise during peak hours. Although face-to-face cabs may seem like one of the fastest ways to get between Washington, DC and BWI, the length of the trip strongly varies depending on the season.

Taxi rides during busy periods can take significantly longer than other transport modes. Disadvantages: Costly for individual travellers and can take more than an hours when travelling at peaks. After all, they can also rent a vehicle and take a trip between BWI and DC. And if you only need one vehicle to get you to and from the airport, there are other ways to get there.

For those who are already planing to hire a rental vehicle during their DC trip, this is an easier way to reach the airport. Just like those using a taxi or SuperShuttle, those who decide to hire a vehicle should always consider the amount of travel between BWI and DC, as peak periods can be very busy.

Liberty to go anytime and directly to/from your destinations. Disadvantages: This is the most costly and only one of the options that people should consider if they need a rented vehicle for other use.

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