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I will definitely use this taxi service again! Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Silver Taxi in Bakersfield, CA. <: PG COUNTY TAXI Our fast, effective and secure service is available around the clock, seven nights a week. Our customers can rely on us to provide them with the best possible service. There are connections to Reagan National Airport (DCA), Dulles Airport (IAD) and Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI).

Our transports also include all railway and coach terminals in the Baltimore-Washington region. Our company offers business customers, delivery and delivery service.

Accepts all popular debit card types at any of our offices, Washington DC included, making us the only taxi operator currently accepting debit card types in the country's capital. Should you wish to make use of one of our transport facilities, please do not hesitate to visit one of our sites. Our kind employees will take good care of your transport needs.

401-577-2000 or go to the on-line booking section to make your booking now. We are able to meet your transport needs from the biggest companies to one-person companies.


What does a taxi cost? $3.00 charge for services, $2.00 per miles, overall cost may be slightly higher than driving distances due to transportation situation. For your security, we only employ professionally, courteously and reliably trained chauffeurs and carry out backgrounds inspections of all of them. In order to arrange a taxi from or to Birmingham Airport or anywhere in Birmingham, please use the schedule for a pick-up link or call:

SilveryCabDC | The BEST Taxi for DC, MD and VA

The Silver Cab Company is one of the best taxi services in the metropolitan region. To make a simple appointment, use our on-line reservations page above or call us at (202) 635-3498. All our taxi and taxi driver are licenced and covered by insurance.... When you need a taxi immediately, call now. You can use our taxi services 24 h a day, 7 d awe.

Every single one of you will travel for the cost of one! A maximum of six taxi riders are charged the same taxi tariff as one rider. Taxis are always available to take you to the closest airport within the metropolitan region.

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