Upcoming Macbook Air

Coming Macbook Air

Apple's new MacBook will be released in September, and it won't be as affordable as we thought. Following a break, Apple's report that it will soon be launching an affordable MacBook is becoming more intense, with Apple expecting the new line of laptops to be launched by Christmas. According to a rumour a few nights ago, an Apple retailer is expecting Apple to place large orders for Apple's new low-cost laptops in the final three months of the year.

According to a brand-new tale, the cheapest MacBook will be launched in September and may not be as inexpensive as originally foreseen. Apple will introduce the MacBook via Digitimes during the iPhone introductory session in September. Apparently Apple wanted to bring the 13-inch MacBook to market in the 4th fiscal year of 2017, but Intel kept slowing down its 10nm chipset, forcing Apple to remodel the MacBook to take advantage of its 14nm Kaby Lake processor base.

Although earlier reviews indicated that the MacBook will be primarily a re-designed MacBook Air, Digitimes calls this cheap Mac Mac a MacBook, and that it should include a retina screen among other enhancements. That doesn't mean the 12-inch MacBook line doesn't get a 2018 Refresh. Apple has just upgraded MacBook Pro this year.

This 12-inch MacBook currently begins at $1,299. This 13-inch MacBook Air begins at $999 and is currently the cheapest MacBook.

REDESIGN MacBook Air 2018 soon to come?

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Adobe MacBook Air 2018 Releases

Though Apple has launched a new "MacBook" that is thin, light, and powerful, it still markets MacBook Air. But since 2015, this notebook hasn't had a big in-house update since it still has an older CPU and a screen without Apple's crisp retina in it.

Now, a new Bloomberg review has insisted that Apple is making a comprehensive update to MacBook Air "later this year. Quoting those acquainted with the plan, the paper stated that the new MacBook Air's styling would be an extreme reminder of the latest MacBook, but would cut open slimmer bezels and take advantage of Apple's acclaimed Retina screen technologies.

However, they explained that Apple was also considering upgrading Mac minis, and added that the Cupertino-based giant wanted to concentrate on "professional users" with the latest update. Recently, the company also updated its high-quality MacBook Professional devices, which now feature much quicker CPUs, True Tone displays, and an updated keypad that is quiet to use.

Rumor has it that the iPhone line-up will feature an upgraded iPhone X along with a bigger iPhone X Plus and a less expensive all-screen mobile that includes lower specifications at a lower cost.

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