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NEVER BUY A TICKET FROM THIS COMPANY. It' s time for the next episode of El Circo Cheapo Cabaret-Chicago' s biggest cheap date recession break-up idea. Discounts on tickets and promo codes Cirque Du Soliel Show

"O "O" is a game with the English term for depth, "Eau", which is an item in the foreground and centre of this amazing complement to the Cirque du Soleil series. "O "O" presents a hypnotizing universe full of poetic effect and death-defying aerobatics, all on a 1.5 million gal swimming platform.

"O "O" has all the ingredients you'd expect from one of the very popular Cirque du Soleil shows currently appearing in Las Vegas. However, its outstanding characteristic is an amazing 1.5 million gall. heavy swimmingpool, which creates the conditions for a real life universe of unadulterated mystery and breathtaking aerobatics.

It is the technological aspect of O that makes this show such a fascinating event. In a moment, the same swimming pools that have devoured a stunning high diving spot become a sound stage for other performance professionals to be able to stand, walk and jump on. As well as the death-defying high-dive routine, O also shows other big top act such as blazing rod vortexes and harness artist.

Fire, wind and fire are recurrent topics that will be discovered during O's trip to make a universe full of joy, suspense and anxiety. "O "O" recreates a fantastic country full of optical illumination, unbelievable aerobatics and Hollywood-like effect. Each of these elements merge into an memorable show that transports you to a fantastic unlimited universe.

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The sale is closed for this meeting. As soon as this show is out of stock, it's out of stock. There are no more tickets available. Do not send e-mails or call and ask if we can accommodate a few more of you. Usually there are still tickets available for the 19 o'clock show as soon as the 22 o'clock show is out.

It' s on for the next episode of El Circo Cheapo Cabaret-Chicago's biggest cheap date downturn break draft notion. Just for a few dollar bucks you can see how humans are hanging on delicate looking things on their toe, women shaking their necks, lunatics walking on glasses and more! AS SOON THE SHOW IS OUT OF STOCK, IT'S OUT OF STOCK!

THERE ARE NO REFUNCES OR REPLACEMENTS, SO PLEASE REVIEW IT BEFORE YOU BUY! Tickets are no longer available even if you send us an e-mail or call us. There are no refund and no exchange transactions, so make sure you buy the right date and time and the right ticketing stage before you complete your sale.

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