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Buyers beware - junky limousine! For a limousine we payed for our marriage for five-hour. but it was a scrap heap. The band that repaired part of the inside, the radios didn't work at all, there was a steady chirping in our ear, they provided a Bottle of Champaign, but it was WARM... no icecream at all.

That was the hardest part of our anniversary. This limousine trip was supposed to be a funny period of celebration between meetings, and it was horrible and nobody wanted to be in there, especially not with NO MUSIC. All they said was to give us another limousine for five, sorry we won't get remarried and we went to the final ball 10+ years ago - we don't need another limousine trip - especially from this place!

The Annapolis Professional Flyer

The Annapolis Flyer provides a pleasurable travelling adventure throughout the Annapolis region. If you need business trips or secure transport for an night party, please feel free to email Annapolis Flyer. Our prices and rebates are reasonable and appropriate for all your travelling needs. Now call Annapolis Flyer to get fast, reliable on-site auto repair and international transport around the clock, seven nights a week. Now!

Main page - Superkabine | Bowling Green Ohio (OH) Taxi

Wellcome to Supercab, Bowling Green, Ohio's leading cabs. Supercab was established in 2002 and has served the people of Bowling Green, Ohio and the Bowling Green State University student population for over 10 years. Our comfortable and welcoming taxis are available 24 h a day, 7 d a w. Travelers are handled with door-to-door services in tidy and well-maintained cars for only US$5 per passenger (groups of 2 or more US$4 per person).

There is also a taxi to Perrysburg, Findlay, Toledo and a shuttles to Detroit Airport (if available). Whether you need a large group shuttles van, door-to-door for a small group, a small group shuttles van, a small groups shuttles van for weddings, or a group parties coach for a fraternity or sorority role, we can take care of all your transport needs.

Our Super Cab Taxis meet all your needs with our expert driver in our neat, luxurious and well assured cars.

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