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In the Pensacola area we know that you have many possibilities when it comes to taxi services, and we hope that you will choose us. The Greater Little Rock area. Experienced drivers guarantee absolute local knowledge and the highest level of professionalism. It is our goal to provide the best transportation service for all residents of the Los Angeles region, at four degrees. We have the largest taxi fleet in East Bay.

Taxi app

It is not, the reservation will continue even if you exit the application. Shortly before the arrival of the taxis a pushing notification is sent. Yeah, but you should still tell your chauffeur. Misuse of the application may lead to the suspension of your bankroll. How about the pre-order option? Presale times depend on your local situation and taxis available.

In the ' Posting overview' you can record your presale. After you have booked your first taxis, simply click on the order link again. Are there any specific bookings available? In this case only these taxis will be used. What taxis are required? Taxis in your immediate vicinity will get a customer enquiry.

Confirmation of the enquiry will be given as soon as a chauffeur has accepted the reservation. Taxicab Radar will show you all taxis in the area. Yes, just go to our website to make an on-line reservation for a cab. My account" how does it work? All your preferences will appear in your next travel profiles and will be stored in your inbox. What do I do to sign in to "My account"?

If you want to sign up for "My Account", just type in your data under "My Account" and "Login". Once you have successfully registered for'My Account', you will receive an e-mail with your username. The ' pays by app' is a portable system that enables a directly collected amount between drivers and co-drivers in a cab - without the need for money or a credit cards.

At the end of the journey, a display with a settlement order is displayed. Then you check your billing information and choose if you want to include a tip. To be able to make payments with the application, you need a debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) or a PayPal-protocol. In addition, you must sign up for the "My Account" option and store at least one of your methods of paying.

Just login with your login data under "My Account" or directly sign up for "My Account" and store the desired preferred methods of payments (Mastercard, Visa, Amex or PayPal) under PayPal. Paid as normal the corresponding taxitariff*. In Berlin, a supplement of 1.50 is levied for non-cash payments in accordance with 5 Para. 2 Letter b) of the German Ordinance on the Charges for Taxis.

Which is the Preferred Drivers feature? With the " Preferred drivers " feature you can store your favorite drivers in your application. Prior to each ride, you can choose to send your enquiry to your favorite rider first. It is also possible to store this posting options as a standard preference. Where do I put a "favorite group"?

Directly in the Favorites Driver section of the drop-down list, you can browse for a particular group by its name and store it. Which are " favorite groups "? Most of our riders are assigned to a group. The " Favourite groups " feature allows you to store a group of driver or vehicle as your favourite group.

The next time you reserve a cab, the chauffeurs in these groups will be asked first. We classify our groups according to different characteristics, e.g. environment taxis. What do I do to get a 'favourite driver'? You have two options for adding a favorite driver: At the end of the journey, you can evaluate your chauffeur.

Under ' Travel' in the menue you can select chauffeurs as ' Favourite chauffeurs'. It is also possible to find and store a particular rider directly in the Preferred riders section of the navigation bar using their rider ID. Elaborate travelling expenses calculation for taxis are no longer necessary. Which advantages does a business account have?

Is it possible to evaluate my rider? Immediately after the journey, you can give your cab and your chauffeur up to 5 star ratings. And who are the chauffeurs to pick me up? Our chauffeurs are all licenced. Each of our cab riders is known to us and we have signed each one up in person for the ride. When I make a reservation, why do I have to provide a telephone number?

It is important that you provide your telephone number so that the chauffeur can contact you if there are any queries or unexpected problems (traffic jams, restricted area, etc.). Something I forgot in the cab. Full detail of your most recent rides, as well as your driver's telephone number and ID, will be stored in the Rides section of the application.

Your chauffeur can be contacted up to 24 hrs after the journey. As a Lufthansa customer, you can directly sign up for the Miles & More frequently flyer program in the Miles & More application under 'My Account' and Miles & More. Just type in your Miles & More number in the appropriate boxes and every Euro flown will be added to your Miles & More profile as a Miles & More mileage.

If your destination is not found properly, you can enter your pick-up destination in the booking overview by hand. Our staff can be reached by telephone at +49.

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