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Cheap charter planes

The term cheap flight is relative in the private jet charter industry. Isn' a charter plane for a group flight less expensive than a business flight? While there are a few privately owned air travel on opportunities that can vie with the costs of commercially operated air travel, these are uncommon cases. If, for example, you are comparing the costs of renting an aircraft from New York to London in one direction with an empty foot and all 14 passengers are seated in a large aircraft, it may be cheaper than renting first-category airliners.

Or, certain airlines might provide very competitively priced short-haul services of 30 min, with the use of a very light jet competing with commercially priced services. A further infrequent case is when an airline has a "fire sale", i.e. when an empty leg isn't resold and the airline has chosen to reduce the fare for that particular plane by 80 or 90 per cent, but these are infrequent and a few flying hours before the plane's departure is advertised.

In most cases the costs for the personal flights will be much higher. The programme considers the Value Per-Man Hour (VPMH) and the temporal efficiencies and productivities of a personal aircraft compared to business aviation. When a group of high income leaders charters a plane, it is likely that the total costs of personal aviation will be lower because the leader's period is also very high.

So, in general, if you are looking for an inexpensive way to travel, then personal planes are not there for you, no matter how many of your buddies persuade you to travel with them, in the end personal travel will always end up costing you more. This also applies to renting a personal aircraft with several hundred people.

Because we believe that personal flights are about personal flights, we do not advertise seating for purchase. There are, however, some businesses that run certain lines with a personal aircraft, similar to those of business aircraft, where they sells seating to casual customers in the same aircraft, but in our wisdom these seating is also much more costly than passenger aircraft.

Best thing to do is to get an offer on-line for the flight you have in mind to see if Kugelpark you can afford your charter privately. See also the list of empty legged charter airlines for special rates or call us at +1-877-727-2538.

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