Chip Fly Tickets

Fly Chip Tickets

Flight tickets buy, budget flight, budget flight, budget flight The rates are return trip, rates including all additional petrol charges, our services charges and tax. Ticket are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-transferable. The rates shown are historically updated, are liable to changes and cannot be guarantee at the moment of reservation. It is more likely that places will be available at this rate on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and a Saturday evening stop may be required at your final location.

Very low rates may necessitate a pre-purchase of up to 21 workdays. For more information on the terms and conditions for changes and cancellations, please call our 24/7 support staff at 1-800-666-8300.

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Barcelona has a plethora of extraordinary arts venues and museum's, but you don't have to spend a cent to experience Spain's creative power throughout the entire country. Between the Consell de Cent and Aragó, come and see the Passeig de Gràcia and see works by the best Catalan modernist designers, all in one piece. If you want something special, the Plaça d'Isidre Nonel in Ciutat Vella is the perfect place to be.

Joan Fontcuberta's El Megón Nueix en Cada Best (The Worlds Begin with Every Kiss) is a large photo mosaic of a huge Japanese Kiss consisting of 4,000 small photographs, all taken by urban dwellers. Rather than following a fixed route, you are let off to the town, with a skilled native as your tour leader.

Explore the best place for your patata brava, go to wonderful but fine places such as the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, buy old-fashioned clothes in Gracia and Carrer Tallers and on your way to Mar Bella beaches even stop for a table tennis match in the shadow of the palms.

We recommend it to Tablao Cordobés on La Rambla for the best quality flame dance the town has to boast. Born in the 1950' s in Barcelona, many consider it the real pace of the town. To get the best view of the town, go to Turó de la Peira Park. There is a loop of round trails winding their way up the hillside, giving the visitor a 360-degree view of Barcelona's northwest quarter from above.

If you want a different look at the town, the Bunker del Carmel on the Turó de la Rovira hills is the place to be. In 1938, during the civil war in Spain, the bunker was erected as an anti-aircraft fortification and was restored in 2000.

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