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Construction 787

A total of 15 Boeing Business Jet B787s have been ordered to date. V-VIP BBJ 787-8 delivered to Kestrel Aviation Management Kirkland, Wash. Boeing 787 Dreamliner VIP is more than an extravagantly luxurious VIP aircraft, it is a VIP aircraft of epic proportions. See the very first 787 BBJ - the world's leading long-haul business jet.

Deer Jet's BBJ 787 Dream Jet makes show début at DAUBAI

The only Boeing BBJ 787 in the industry that is available for charters makes its show début on the fixed screen. The VVIP wide-body jet, which belongs to the Deer Jet, the company operating China's corporate jet fleet, is sold under the matching Dream Jet trade name - a variation of the Dreeamliner name.

UAS International Trip Assistance, based in Dubai, will sell and distribute the planes outside China solely on the worldwide charters markets following the signing of an arrangement between the two parties prior to the show. The college is also the sole charters director for the Deer Jet BBJ 737, Gulftream G550 and G450. Deer Jet last December purchased a larger stake in the FH and appointed the company a flying supply specialist for its 90-member corporate jet population.

Omar Hosari, co-founder and managing director of the FH, described the plane as "exquisite" at the trade fair and said he expected "a high degree of interest" from all over the world. "It'?s a plane like nothing else on the planet," he says. Dream Jet is registered in the Guernsey Register of Aviation - 2-DEER - under the BAS Guernsey operators certification.

This plane is aimed at very wealthy private persons, chiefs of state and kings. "It'?s about $70,000 an hour[rent], so it's a very select market," says Hosari. A second BBJ 787 is being completed and will be shipped in 2018, Hosari added. The college recently completed a Dream Jet global trip offering prospective clients in Doha, Dublin, Hong Kong, Jeddah, London, Marrakech, Paris, Seattle and Shanghai select sights.

Hoosati says FH is "well positioned" to broaden its offer in the area of charters sale managment and is planning to increase its portfolio to 10 planes by the end of the year.

The BBJ shows the first VIP 787 at EBACE

"This is the biggest airplane ever shown at an NBAA-sponsored event," said BBJ Chairman David Longridge. Kestrel Aviation Management of Washington State launched and managed the transaction without a purchaser entering into a contract, although a deal is allegedly in the late stage of negotiation. A 40-person room with a range of natural shades of browns and greys, jointly created by Kestrel Aviation Management and Paris design studio Pierrejean, features a bedroom- masterpiece, a spacious lounging area and a stateroom with first-class seats at the tail.

The FAA certifications will be complete by the end of next March, said Stephen Vella, Kestrel CEO, and the Dreamliner is anticipated to keep its US register. After the plane is finished, a sales contract with an unrevealed potential purchaser is close to completion, said Vella. The agreement provides that the Deer Jet (Booth M073) is to be located in Beijing and will be available for charters.

Deer jet manager said the plane won't have a fixed footing. Nine BMJs have been ordered, eight supplied and ten put into production since EBACE last year, raising the number of ordered planes to 238, 215 deliveries and 191 put into production. There are two other BBJ 787s currently in use, one in the possession of a Middle Eastern carrier and the other in the possession of the Mexican federal authorities, but they do not have a complete inside space for VIPs either, and both were among the first fifty 787s before the specification of the fully composites airplanes was standard.

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