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The website uses different kinds of cookie. Certain cookie settings are made by third parties that appear on our pages. You can find out more about who we are, how you can get in touch with us and how we handle your information in our privacy policy. Take a look at this 747 Custom Private-Jet Interior Boutique with over 4,000 sq ft of floor area - main bedrooms, sitting room, sitting room, living room, dinning room and more.

Looking forward to sharing the detail of this luxury, fully-equipped, 747 privately owned home for the VIP and Head of State. Unprecedented custom styling this room incorporates a superb custom cabin, lounges, board room, which simultaneously serves as dinning room, full-size offi ce and ample sitting area for all employees.

There is also a large multi-room lounger on the top level. Extensive timber, ivory and leathers cover most finishes, while innovating and necessary designer handles allow effective use of spaces within the texture. Although it is inside the fuselage of an aircraft, the ground layout allows for a spacious, habitable area.

The Greenpoint Technologies portfolio comprises VIP cabinets and processing equipment in Denton, Texas, a Marysville, Washington production plant for industrial applications, and an assembly hall in Moses Lake, Washington. Our company covers all aspects in-house, from development, construction and production to installing, maintaining and overhauling corporate jets of all sizes.

Focusing on the client experiences, the firm integrates excellence and dedicated workmanship into every single work. Designed to provide all the functionality of a true off-the-shelf sleeper, the Main Room Suites feature built-in stowage and the best view from inside the aircraft. Gain immediate control over the free 3-D spatial planning application! To get immediate acces to free 3-D interiors application, subscribe: it's free (including free newsletter); it' renders in 3-D.

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