Hackney Taxi

Taxi Hackney

The Hackney or Hackney car is a carriage or a rental car. Keep in mind, if it doesn't say "Boston Licensed Taxi", you can make a bad trip. Adjustment of cabs and small civil servant cars An SPSV is a small civil servant car with space for up to eight persons. The small cars of the civil services consist of taxi cars, taxi cars suitable for wheelchairs, taxi cars and sedans. It is the aim of this paper to clarify how these means of transportation are governed and what your legal to do.

Which is the different between a taxi, a Hackney and a limo? Taxi: a small publicly owned car (SPSV) for which a taxi fee has been paid. You can rent a taxi at a taxi booth or on the road. Hackney: a small scale privately owned car rental for small scale government services (SPSV) for which a Hackney license has been issued.

The Hackney cab should be pre-booked on a privately rented base and must not be parked in a publicly accessible location. Sedan: a privately owned rental car PLCV for which a sedan license has been issued. Because of its type and state, a sedan must be suitable for ceremony or for business or other prestigious use.

Chauffeurs should be privately rented in advance and may not be dropped off at a publicly accessible location. What is the regulation of taxes and other PLCVs? According to the 2013 Taxi Ordinance Act, the National Transport Authority is the regulatory authority for all SSCAs. A Consultative Committee on Small Civil Service Vehicles advises the Authority on matters concerning PLCVs and their pilots.

The group was composed of members from the taxi, hackney and limo industries, as well as members of the regional government, An Garda Síochána, the tourism sector and associations for the disabled. For more information on the regulations for taxi and small car use, contact the National Transport Authority. There is also information on cabs on the consumers' side of the authority, transportforireland.ie.

Regulations apply as to how the tariffs for taxi, hackney and sedan service are calculated. Laws govern the behaviour and obligations of taxi, hackney and limo drivers . When traveling in cabs, minivans, hackneys as well as limos, passenger must abide by certain regulations.

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