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Air clubs can reduce the cost of flying. Locate a club, learn how to start or grow a club, and get tips on club operations and leadership. Aeroclub is a non-profit, member-led organization that provides affordable access to aircraft for its members. A stunning flying club in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York State. The T&

G Flying Club is the best flying school in Cleveland.

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Air club flying is one of the best ways to make savings while flying more, having good air travel and spending quality free air travel with your loved ones. No matter whether you are new to flying or have been a flyer for years, the flying club has something for you. No matter if you want to learn more about flying club in your area, join an already established club or even create a new club, we are here for you.

Use this user-friendly utility to find the flying club closest to you. Participation is free, and it is an excellent way to join other club members or find new ones. You also get great advantages only for network club. Subscribe to the Club Connector each month to find out more about other clubs' hands-on experiences.

Keep in touch with useful messages, information and good thinking from flying associations across the country.

Discover unbelievable values with the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

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The T&G Flying Club - Cleveland's best flight in the world

A few important questions are: How skilled are the trainer and the schools, where/how are the aircraft serviced, what is contained in the rent (i.e. petrol, insurance), what does the course programme contain and how well does it suit the logistic of your time?

T&G members will enjoy: - An expansive 25 plane charter suitable for all flight experience tiers. Cessna 152 (the most economic instructor there is) and as your abilities develop you'll be able to fly a quicker and more challenging plane. Volume rebates on fuels and other airfares are given, overheads are kept low and cost reductions are passed on to our members.

Be wary of deceptive low instalments applied elsewhere ("dry" instalments, other supplements, excessive floor times, etc.). Excessive pilots' education programme. - The insurance pack is complete. In order to avoid conflict of interest, we keep an aviation club health club health club and a special tenant health club for you. - Onsite service facilities and personnel specialists who continuously supervise the aeroplanes and guarantee their safety and airworthiness.

Pilot primary and instrumental pilot institutions at periodic intervals. Designed to reduce the costs of education, these structural classrooms offer you the advantages of studying from others in your group. - Schedule flexibly to keep members up to date on club messages, travel, and community activity. via on-line appointment. Given the scale of our fleets, getting a flight is hardly a hassle.

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