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NYC taxi drivers apprehended after a roadside battle that was recorded on film.

One New York taxi rider was apprehended after a string of footage incidents showed her brawl in the Manhattan area before she plunged the taxi into a few cars on Thursday. The New York Post reports that Alyssa Jenna Mallett, 25, from Brooklyn, was apprehended at the crime site and accused of "reckless danger, crime, mischief and bodily harm.

But Mallett drove a taxi in Midtown Manhattan when she got angry after a Nissan S. U. V. vehicle might have severed her, the New York Police Department said. There was a videotape of Mallett chasing a man and a women as spectators tried to end the battle. Mallett was seen getting into the taxi after the battle and hit a UPS lorry before taking the taxi to the couple's SUV. At the end of the match, Mallett was seen in the car.

According to the riot department, Mallett "beat, stepped and scraped the couple", who also resisted and resisted. They were treated at the crime scenes, and the kids were not hurt, ABC 7 New York said. FOX 5 New York said the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) said Mallett had some problems in the 14 month period it had a TLC-licence.

The TLC has reinstated Mallett's licence after his detention on Thursday.

Michael Cohen's taxi medals are revoked in New York City.

The New York metropolis gives former lawyer and fixed agent Michael Cohen of President Trump the opportunity to sell his 10 taxi medals needed to own and run the city's legendary amber taxis. Unless Cohen sells his share of the lockets, they will be rescinded, the town says.

New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) says it "intends to withdraw the medallions" after Cohen pleaded culpable allegations of cheating and breaching election financing, as in a correspondence from Andrew Rabin, the commission's prosecutor, to him. TLC will give Cohen the possibility to save part of the value of the lockets by giving him until September 10 time to resell or carry them over.

Otherwise they will be rescinded according to the formal notice. According to the company's letters, Cohen is the only stockholder in companies that own eight of the Medaillons, and a co-stockholder in a company that holds the other two. Companies are Golden Child Cab Corp, Sir Michael Hacking Corp, Lady Laura Hacking Corp, Samantha B. Good Cab Corp and Mad Dog Cab Corp, according to the deed.

Tuesday, Cohen admitted his guilt on eight allegations related to his work for Mr Trump, five of which were fraud and two breaches of election funding, which shut up payment to shut up two wives who claim to have affair with Mr Trump. Taxis were once valued at more than $1 million, but in recent years their value has dropped to around $200,000.

This decrease was exacerbated by intensified rivalry with carpool operators such as Uber and Lyft in the New York carpool markets.

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