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Cities Cabs ( Edinburgh ) Ltd Taxi Service

The City Cabs Edinburgh App is a great place to get started. Just click a few times to book, follow and pay for your cabs. Add your partner's number to your reservation and we'll email him a message so he can trace your cab. The City Cabs have been in operation since 1925 and have a total of over 440 cabs with around 1200 riders, all of which pass the Edinburgh "The Knowledge" test.

With City Cabs you can make a quick, effective, reliable and above all secure cab-trip. City Cabs App is for the UK market only, so all destinations are in the UK only. With this app you can make a licensed City Cabs reservation.

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The intention is to make available in real-time information on the accessibility of accommodations that are also provided by third partys. Use this posting system to make live postings with third-party vendors. When you make a reservation, you exit our website and access a website held and maintained by a third person.

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