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( intransitive ) To drive a minicab. The Minicabs in London offer transport services at very competitive prices. Booking your taxi in London and enjoying the ride with us. Minicab Definition: a taxi that can only be ordered by phone and does not stop to pick up passengers on the street. Minicab is a taxi that you have to organize to pick up by phone.

Minicab " example.

A Minicab rider was interrupted, but he sent us unfairly for years. In the area you can rent taxi cabs in blacks and there are minicab bureaus. There are taxi and minibus service to the right and right of the front door. Registration of a Minicab car will cost 82 plus 27 per year license fees, much less than the traffic jam toll.

If this were to happen, many prospective Minicab riders would be prevented from trading in a shop where both the pick-up location and the final location would be known in advance. 1. It is also good to see that a provision has been added to ensure that Minicab operators are not permitted to use the words "taxi" or "taxi" to promote themselves. So we can anticipate that the Minicab license holders will notify the policemen of illicit, nonlicensed activities in their territory.

Minicab user security issues are, by mutual agreement, largely those of the lower end ofrade. Often I called for a minicab by phone to pick me up from home and inform the participating companies about the goal. The only thing you can say now is "Minicab, not Happy Hackney".

It can be too complicated to license Minicab riders. All of us are conscious of the issues that arise with the minicab market. Right in front of this entry is a small minicab company premises. Minicab bookings must be made by phone, online, fax or personally at the Minicab Bureau.

To the right of the entry there is a minicab and a kiosk.

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You want a low-rent trip, take a minicab. Shortly after 6am a Minicab came to fetch me on the first morning to take me to the Pinewood Studio. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Show more...: A Minicab is a cab that you have to collect by phone. You want a low-rent trip, take a minicab.

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