Jet Aircraft Museum

Aircraft Jet Museum

Experience jet planes from all over the world in the sky and on static displays. The Jet Aircraft Museum, London, ON. JET AIRCRAFT MUSEUM serves to create and maintain a living history of the Royal Canadian Air of modern times. Jet Aircraft Museum is a non-profit foundation that specializes in Canadian military aircraft. Small museum with a collection of military training aircraft undergoing flight status restoration.

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When you are enjoying story, meet great men and are near fantastic machinery, there is a place for you with the museum. Becoming a museum member has several advantages, from specific passports to flight, companionship and the happiness of recreating Canada's past. There is a great human crew at the back bone of this museum.

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Ontario Jet Aircraft Museum Ontario Museum

It is the Jet Aircraft Museum's quest to "preserve, educate and float". For this purpose, the Jet Aircraft Museum has accepted a brief that will bring together student, veteran and general audiences with the sciences and technologies of flying, the importance of aeronautical heritage and the possibility to see the real life of flying in an old jet.

This museum reconstructs, conserves and cares for supporting artefacts in honour of the thousand of men and woman who constructed, maintained and flown these planes, and in remembrance of those who did not come back. Jet Aircraft Museum runs a training programme to educate its members on how to renovate, conserve and maintain old jet aircraft, and to provide pupils with the characteristics of flying and structure by adapting the school's natural sciences syllabus.

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