How much to Rent a Helicopter for a Day

What does it cost to rent a helicopter for one day?

Get on or off the helicopter with a helicopter charter on your wedding day, anniversary or special occasion. Perhaps you are looking for a unique wedding day experience. Headquarters North Island - world in one day! Do you prefer to receive your quote by phone?

Helicopters to your beachside cottage? There'?s an apartment for that.

Helicopters are a high-priced business that is about to become high-tech. Blade, a new firm, is starting a New York Hamptons to Hamptons tour this weekend, with a plan to extend the route to other places for the wealthy. Blade is distinguished from other chocolate chopping products by its technological approach, which uses an application that makes flight simpler, quicker and less expensive.

Instead of phoning a reservations centre and looking at charters, Blade customers can make their flights with just three fingertips on their iPhone. When they can't find a suitable helicopter, they can rent their own helicopter and resell it via the Crowdsourcing function of Blade seating on it. Consider it a sidecar for the helicopter team.

"We' re in a very appentric world," said Evan Licht, general secretary of Blade. Blade App: "You do these three strokes, and you can be in your helicopter in 10 minutes." However, Blade can make it less expensive if you rent your own choker for about $2,700. By selling the other six places, you can reduce your own fare to less than half that number.

Light said that although the cost is high, the saving of valuable working hours is still there. One helicopter trip takes 45 mins. Light said that someone who travels by helicopter to and from East Hampton every week-end will save two and a half day during the year. Much better feeling to end a day of work, get on a helicopter and be home in 30 min and enjoy your family".

Blondie doesn't buy choppers. She works with Liberty Hellicopters of New York, which has a large navy and first class security standards. In fact, Mr Brade is thinking about a property deal so that those who go to the Hamptons can do some beach purchases on the way. But the best confirmation of the value of blades will be when customers go beyond Long Island and see their colleagues from Hampton jammed in circulation.

"You' re talking about confirming your buy immediately, it's wonderful," said Licht.

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