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Start of share-out at Bay Area Airport

BOAKLAND - At the taxi stand in front of Oakland International Airport, tens of vehicles were standing in clean lines. The riders were standing or sitting in small groups, chattering, looking at video clips or speaking on their telephones. Everyone waited for the answering machine to sound and signalled some riders to go to the terminal and hopefully get a ride.

However, since the port of Oakland, which runs the Oakland International Port Authority, began last year to allow journeys, such as Uber, Lyft and Wingz, to collect and set down people, these phone conversations have become increasingly rare. Last year, the number of carpooling journeys at Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco airfields jumped.

The number of horse rides in Oakland in the second months of the holding exceeded the number of cabs. In July last year, the bookings used less than 2 per cent of the entire land transport sector, without BART, but 57 per cent of the sector in March, the last months for which available figures were available.

These figures reflect similar growth at San Francisco International where ticketing accounted for 9 per cent of the total prior to the airport's first operating permit in October 2014. In the meantime, the share of ticket bookings is almost 58 per cent. Also, Mineta San Jose International Airports, which opened its door to travel bookings in November 2015, reported that its travel book service moved from less than one per cent of the total to 49 per cent in May.

Meanwhile, the number of taxi rides at all three destinations has fallen by an annual 23 per cent, while the number of air traffic has risen. Thursday, the Oakland Port Board of Directors approved the renewal of agreements with Lyft, Uber and Wingz concluded as part of a July, August and September last year trial programme.

Like in San Francisco, the Oakland Flughafen Fahrten calculates driver bookings a charge of $3. 85 - $3. 15 for Uber - to collect and set down passenger. Above per fare is lower at Oakland International Airports, but must fulfill an initial Fare Warranty. Riders driving in San Jose are charged a $2.30 charge to collect a passenger but not set him down.

Different types of travel tracking systems are used by each individual country's airline, which includes self-declaration, geographic mapping around the site, and an application that keeps abreast of travel bookings. Managing directors of the aerodromes explained that the staggering client demands and the enquiries of the logbooks made it necessary to set up an authorisation system for the operation of the service. Oakland passenger arriving at the Oakland terminals waited for a Uber or Lyft to come, saying the fare was the main reason they decided to take an apartment instead of just getting into an easily accessible taxi.

Even though the cost of a trip varies according to need, an hourly drive from Oakland International to City Hall is an estimated $16-20 on Uber, $13-20 on Lyft and $37-$38 in a nice taxi. The Emeryville inhabitant Sabine Lowrey said that the logbook system has eliminated the insecurity of whether the rider is following the best home trip or increasing the counter's speed.

"Being a long-time inhabitant of the Bay Area, I can confirm the fact that you never know what you'll get with a taxi," she said. However, the ruling to allow travel to be booked at San Jose International came after month-long discussions and a two-day taxi driver strikes, who said they wanted ticket service to be governed by the same rules as taxi operators.

However, San Jose air traffic control officers said they were loosing on prospective revenues - which they had valued at about $630,000 a year from only Uber and Lyft. Wingz, and together, drove by the three firms $507,296 in charges in the first six months of operation, far exceeding expectations," said San Jose airports spokeswoman Rosemary Barnes.

"It' s important," said Mr Boarnes, "although the airports receive fewer charges from other groundhandling operations, such as limousines, shuttle buses, joint delivery trucks and others. According to the individual airports' delegates, the greatest challenges are where all car driving enthusiasts should be deployed. Mr Bush said San Jose International is considering ways to deal with the roadside traffic jams created by ticket service.

There is a parking area in San Francisco that allows riders to stay close to the drop-off and pick-up areas. Teamster Joint Council 7 Policy Manager Doug Bloch has been working on organising horse rides and wants Oakland International Airports to make some milestones available for them. Currently, the driver has to vacate the premises after having dropped someone off before they return and take a new commute.

Oakland taxi riders were looking for a different result. You want Uber and Lyft to be subject to the same strict standards as cabin owners, said Oakländer taxi operator Mansour Alhemiari. Taxis in most towns must be checked every year, and pilots must have fingerprints and perform backgrounds tests, paying company charges, paying a taxi medallion and taking out trade insurances, among other things.

In November, as a trade-off, the San Jose City Council cut taxi driver charges, eliminated an inspections request and deleted fingerprint and car ages and states. Mr Kirpal Bajwa, Chairman of the Taxi Workers Alliance of Silicon Valley, said these changes did not do much to help operators, as the price of running a cabin is still much higher than the price of running a logbook-car.

However, Silva was confident that a law in the Bundestag, AB 650, would allow nationwide regulations for the taxi sector, as is the case with ticket servicing. In this way, Silva said, taxis could run throughout California instead of having to obtain separate licenses for each town. Oakland riders were sceptical as to whether deregulation of the cabin industries would allow them to efficiently rival other ticket operators.

Haroon Hayat, a taxi cabbie, said that the only way to rival would be to raise the rules for ticket holders, and he intends to tell Oakland City Council on Tuesday.

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