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New Zealand Classic Aircraft Sales: Choose from the manufacturers of vintage cars for sale below to view the aircraft names by model. Traditional aircraft, classic car and historic aircraft specialists from the fields of restoration, engineering, import, sale, purchase, insurance, financing and aircraft storage. The purchase or sale of an aircraft is a very specialised procedure.

The purchase or sale of an aircraft is a very specialised procedure. If you have someone to help you, you can safe a great deal of your precious times and some potentially big overheads - and actually safe it! Are you interested in one of the aircraft featured on the website or are you looking for help to sell your aircraft? Send us a message using the below mentioned contacts or use the following non-binding online message-forms.

Classical aircraft sale - Yakolev Yak 11 & 3, De Havilland DH90 Dragonfly, Reliable and low service RNZAF BAE167 Strikemaster

Combining a V-12 warrant bird with twin steering usually means a Spitfire Tr.IX or a TF-51D Mustang, both at obscene high heights. That airplane provides the same ability for much less cash! As a matter of fact, you can fly this Allison powering aircraft for about a fourth of the other two.

As one of the best-known and most revered P-40s, this capsular timer is one of the most extensively featured genuine WW-II aircraft in the wide thersenal. P.O.A. Nakajima Ki.43'Oscar' Important aircraft projects include aircraft in very good restored state, as well as engines and wing, etc.

Intermediate projekt, very comprehensive, just and must be finalized. Two wings were reconstructed, the second in its new state. By far the cheapest V-12 WW-II combatant available today in the worlds. Lightweight and as easy as possible, it is driven by an Allison V-1710-111 with a Ham Std. pitch to offer the least maintained engine/prop for a V-12 hunter.

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Defining the right approaches to financing, property structures, inspection, tax policy and all other related elements of the deal and expected use is crucial. We have the most experience in this field and one of the most knowledgeable teams in the game. Their flying patterns will most likely be changed.

If they do, you don't want to be hitched to the fake plane. It is not when it is selling your aircraft that you need to devise an exit plan for it, but when you buy it. Aircraft are owned by ourselves, so we appreciate the many factors involved in a purchasing choice.

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