Intercity Cab Booking

Reservation of Intercity vehicles

Rent a one-way outstation taxi, taxi or car at half price - for the first time in India. While we are sceptical about relying on local taxi companies, we have no choice. You can book a one-way taxi, taxi or automobile at half price.

Outstanding rider, showed us everything around Rishikesh. It was a great trip to Shivpuri. I' m booking two more tours right now. Brilliant services and drivers. Extremely professionally and transparently in handling - the cabin was flawless and the operator was great. I would like to come to Jaipur this year. It was a great experience to go to different places and record the memoirs in our camera.

Service provider City Cab

When you have a booking confirmation, you can be sure that you will take a taxi. All our rates are all-inclusive, excluding tax. Payment is only for what you see before booking, no additional costs. You can have your collection location anywhere in the collection town and your return location can be anywhere in the target town and airport. During the trip on your registred e-mail adress.

Our service ensures that the taxi reaches its final point of collection on schedule. All drivers are evaluated according to more than 8 criteria, which include customer satisfaction and punctual arrival.

There are ten problems we all face when booking an outlet cab.

Invoices will be calculated by our own discretion. Besides, since we know the fact that we have no other choice, we can't even bargain much. To go to a new town and interact with a taxi rider who doesn't speak your native tongue is a problem. Having convinced ourselves to make substantial payments to the sellers, we have to look at the filthy and unattended cabins and see for ourselves again how to get around in their jeep.

Since there is no uniform plattform to find out the tariffs of the different off-line traders, calculate the most known unreasonable tariffs. You' ll have to split your itineraries with everyone, even if you don't want to. Sometimes, when taxi sellers receive a better offer, they cancels the booking and gives strange grounds to vindicate it.

In the end, we're wasting our precious amount of effort phoning a number of operators to get the booking back. A lot of off-line cabin operators don't offer door-to-door services, which exacerbates the discomfort. There are surcharges to get out of your car park and collect you from your site. The MyCab has developed a new Intercity Cabin that allows you to make Intercity bookings with just one click.

Here is a comparison of different taxi vendors' pricing models, offering you the best deal. This will save you from having to spend a lot of negotiation effort with taxi sellers and you will not have to deal with them. MyCab related providers are authorized and full driver validation is performed.

So when are you going to plan your next journey because booking a taxi is simple?

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