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WOW Air's US$99 flight catch of 6 to Europe Once the most costly US Delta "Fortress" hubs, Cincinnati is quickly becoming a major low -cost destination with cheap Florida to Allegiant and Frontier destinations. From the beginning of this season, you'll find cheap connections to Chicago and Baltimore in the southwest. From May next year you can find cheap WOW airlines to Europe.

Soon tri-state travellers, for the first ever, will have a rebate to Europe. So far, the only non-stop service from Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) to Paris on the Delta has been with an avarage price of $1,500. World Wow Airlines pledges ticket prices of only $99 per way to Iceland.

You can also travel to London, Paris and other towns for a $150 per leg (or $300 round trip). "We' re paying $1,600 a journey to get from Eastern Africa to here," she said, awaiting her next overseas plane. If, however, you have in the past traveled with a low-cost carrier such as Allegiant or Frontier (or Spirit not serving Cincinnati), then you know what comes next:

So Jeannine Violante saw it in Florida. Packed cases are expensive: 48 dollars for advance payment, 60 dollars for check-in... per part. So Paris would charge about $100 per leg for hold luggage. In other words, don't put everything in overcrowded hand luggage. From Cincinnati to Iceland and continental Europe, services will start next early in the year on 18 May 2018.

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