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CAPA's Premium Airline Profiles combine our news, data and analysis to give you everything you need to know about Air South Charter. The South Australian owned and operated the Air Charter Company. The Rossair Charter is an airline charter company based in Adelaide, Australia. South Australian Air Charters sets a new standard for the transfer of guests to luxury wilderness destinations.

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Two new 30-seater Adelaide planes are added to Air South's charter and pilots-force.

Air South, one of the world''s quickest 30-seater planes to charter from Adelaide, was launched to the Airbus Air Charter specialist's Air South carrier to significantly expand Australia's local air services and increase the number of employees in South Australia. Enlargement will include the first of two new Embraer Brasilia 120s arriving at Air South Adelaide Airport this weekend, the second of which will be shipped in early 2015.

With these new purchases, South Australian AE Charter Services, which Air South runs, and its affiliate company Ross Air will hire a further seven employees to increase the number of pilots and crews to 23. Embraer Brasilia 120 is a 30-seater cabin-style plane and will be one of the biggest planes of its kind that can charter at the airport.

It is used by large carriers worldwide, such as Skywest, which currently has 44 of these in the United States. The Embraer Brasilia, a two-stage model, can travel at up to 100 km/h more quickly than any other offer of the same size as the SAAB 340 currently used by other carriers for scheduled local air services in Australia.

Boasting a max. cruising distance of 800 kilometers, the new additions will be able to fly from Adelaide to the East WA, the Northern Territory, the Far West of Queensland, the West NSW and far into the Victoria region. This new Air South is controlled by a master and a first officer and also has on-board cabins.

Besides the on-board toilets, it is the only airplane of its class with an Auxillary Power Unit (APU) that is able to supply air condition on deck while stationary on the taxiway or rolling, but also provides overall cab interior exclusivity for embarking and disembarking in regions with severe variations in temperatures.

Mark Lindh, Director of Air South-Rossair: "What Embraer Brasilia planes deliver to our Group is a balanced ratio of security, velocity, comfort as well as airport capabilities that complement our current fleets while providing extra client capabilities and services. "It' s an excellent plane for transporting large volume staff and freight to local centers in Australia.

"Introducing these planes will provide businesses and government agencies with a true alternate to the incumbent airline in Australia by moving their employees to local areas, with the freedom to work according to their own unique timetables, especially for those wishing to live in the Adelaide area, in an efficiently, safely and cost-effectively manner.

"Aeroplanes will have an important impact on the mineral and resource sectors, which will provide South Australia with millions of US dollar investments," Mr Koutsantonis said. By acquiring the two Embraer Brasilias, Air South and Rossair Charter - already the only South Australia airlines to own and operate more than 10 seater planes - will have the biggest charter airline chartered in South Australia, with a combined 12 planes by 2015.

Together, the Cessna 441 Conquests (9-seater), three Beechcraft 1900D (19-seater), one Beechcraft King Air (9-seater) and one Cessna 404 Titan (cargo-specific) will make up the larger and larger mixed fleets, and on their full arrival, the two Embraer Brasilias will each have a total of 30 people. From Adelaide, Air South and Rotsair Charter operate regular flights to most of South Australia's major hubs and hard-to-reach outback destinations, particularly the Cooper Eromanga Basin's highly productive and exploratory areas filled with natural resources.

Every one of the planes in the airline fleets has state-of-the-art aviation electronics and aviation equipment with extreme demands on passengers' comforts. Ballera and Moomba with flight schedules similar to those of large jet liners on shorter routes. Air South and Rossair both follow security and flight protocol similar to that of large carriers and provide significant support in terms of repair techniques, crewing techniques, operating practices and scheduling.

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