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The CHARTER COMMUNIC CHARTER CO SPA ROBINSON,SOPHIA was charged to me and I don't know why! Charta Communication Ratings Selling around and finding that Spectrum seemed to have the best deals about ATT and others. Well, this is a caveat for anyone who chooses the Spectrum packet. First I was told that the plumbing was free, although I had to add two rooms as I had no openings in two of them.

Telephone clerk said there's no problem. Once the technician came, he set up the telephone line and a link to my master lounge TV. "I' ve been telling him that's okay and please make plans for the installation. There was a packet scheme for all their ministries, which should have been about 120 per year.

And with all the extra cost, it ended up 140 a months. Took the next leap up, which turned my bill into 170 a months. Pretty good, I guess, for telephone line and TV. Didn't want the telephone. Well, I got in touch with her and took out the telephone because I didn't need it.

because I wasn't on the parcel schedule anymore. Eighty-five with the fastest web they offer. On the phone, I tried my best to get along with their client services and I was said there was nothing they could do and the prize was the one.

Before moving, I was a client of Cox, now known as Suddenlink, which I know has been chartered for over 20 years and never had this horrible rip-off facility. I' m still only using their 100 per months web when I quit Suddenlink, it was 79, but I don't care about paying a little more, but the rates are the same.

Now that charter have suddenlinks, it's most likely the same. I' d make a ten-year agreement with a supplier if I knew exactly how much a given months would be. You take them for every cent you have and don't provide a solution as I suppose they think they have a lot of new client to charge.

However, I am just praying in good times that there will be more competitive conditions in my region, because it is a disgrace for businesses to use their services. I' ve been calling Spectrum to update my services. You gave me a period between 3 and 4 and said that it would be $99 for upgrading modems and technology would have to come out to improve my Busines Class services.

She said that I work in big life networking groups and that she had to send someone else. that the technician would call me 20 mins before I arrived. At 3 pm I phoned technical assistance and a woman said the technician was allocated and would call.

Nobody phoned at 4:15. And so I phoned back and they went to another division. I' ve spent the whole fucking day just waitin' for her to tell me it's her doing it, but you're S.O.L. It got a little funny after a while when her ministry phoned to find out how the ministry went.

The Spectrum doesn't give a fuck about the clients they have. So if you have another alternative in your area, go with them because, as I said before, Spectrum is a horrible business. The Saw Charter offers a better range and quicker web services. Change to charter and immediate regrets. About $159 for the web install, another $50 for the first one.

It disconnects every 15 min. every night. More than 8 calls were made to support each and every 20 minute wasted on the automated system. Got call 911. Eventually resolved to terminate the ministry after the first months, because the Internet does not work at all. I' ve been talking to several operatives about my charter bankroll.

Package 00 per capita for simple wire and 1 Showtime canal. Where do I know I can rely on these ratings from Charter Communications? I always had a bad client relationship at Charter Communications in Brevard County Florida, which included a plumber who was lying that he showed up and "missed" us when no less than six of us were in the small building all morning with the front doors open.

So when I told the wire firm, nobody I talked to took care of. Last I looked at a conversation box and waited 75 mins for someone to answer, whereupon I shut the call. they wanted to charge me $5 to talk to someone.

More recently, Charter blocks 90% of the contents I view on my Fire TV set. They told me the trouble was with the Amazon servers, if they told you, don't believe it because now I can get a VPN subscription and see more TVs and films than ever before.

Well, I keep loosing my wire TV program. Even though I am paying for the quickest web site, my web site is still fast. I had several home visits from my own engineers, but nobody could fix the issue. Every engineer has made a call for servicing, but after repeating telephone conversations over a two-week time span, I am still awaiting an answer from the engineers at SPECTRUM.

On no account do I refer this ISP or wire service to anyone. Telephone for 2h48. So they let us update our bundle so we could streaming cables over our PS4s. Well, you can't do that, but two different members of Spectrum said we could. I just asked to give us back our web.

Note, we've only had servicing with them for a months, they said we can't. It will be more now that we have discontinued a sevice. Never had the waiter. You' ve been telling us something false. By the way, we pay for 300mb and don't ever get 200 which I named about in the same call.

About 2h and 48min and we have our bill on our web from 39. I don't understand the spectrum. Greatest rip-offs of all times. I' ve been trying to get charter communications in my house with charter services and couldn't. I' ve been trying for 13 years now and I keep hearing that my email isn't usable.

I think after 13 years of trying, the firm should run the cabling so I can get servicing from them. I' m not far from a street where the duty runs. After 13 years of trying I cannot get their services (since I purchased my house on 1.4.2005).

We' re just gonna pay $67 for the tax on the web. Determined that wire harness would be a good savings for us, because DirecTV, was always costly $150. $00, so they're offering us stream cables, we thought it'd be great! for about $50.

My mother looks at Univision, Unimax and Telemundo, my father looks at Sur, Peru, Peru, Magico and other TV stations, my father, of course, NFL, it has to be a must. So when I try to see Univision, it didn't show me in my leader, no Sur Peru and other canals, I call Spectrum, and found out that with Roku I only see some canals, not all the canals I'll probably see, or what I was paying for, they said,

I could only see it when I hired the speaker, so since my mother is the one who watches more TV, I hired the speaker, simple to use for my mother, but later, sometimes the canals work, and sometimes not, like every times I open Univision or Sur Peru, will show it to me:

I have TV again after 30 min, so it went on and on, but I'm done with the last one, and it was like a weekend ago, when Peru had a friendlies match with the Arabs of the Emirates, I couldn't find the canal, so I call Spectrum again, and they said that these matches are only available for a fee per viewing.

The Spectrum wire in Hawaii is a big trigger. They' re the only wire services in my area and they' re just a terrible firm to work with. Well since they've gone hip dysplasia, everyone needs to get an hip dysplasia position that faculty origin you not get patron commodity depression you strength be enjoying.

What I recommend is to let Spectrum fall on cables for TV and buy an Apple TV and get Apple applications. I turned off my TV and my bill went up. I' m asking another wire company to come to my area in Waialua, Hawaii. They have no Aloha and should be leaving Hawaii.

When I moved my account to a new location and made changes to my account (which in itself was really complex and impossibly to do online), my account manager/seller gave me $174 for the Gold Pack. When I hung up, I asked myself, "Was this a commercial price?" so I phoned back.

Yada-yada... the guy I talked to this morning told me that the rate of exchange (gold, the same thing) was $145 per months and that the actual rate would be about $20 after a year. "I didn't want to be on the telephone anymore, after pointing out how strange it was, I ask her to give me the quote as we talked about it, along with the detail (I mean, I got a quote before, and here's another one!) What she said would expire when I changed my services.

But I never got this e-mail, so I phoned again! When I asked this support representative for an answer, he said that Spectrum was not a direct client (although they couldn't), but was considering doing so soon. One ISP that can't send emails! Also here - Spectrum - ISP - the e-mail price calculation (which is nowhere to be found) cannot/will not be carried out.

A big incident (World Series) had failed while they were using their streamed services, and when I phoned to get information, they said it was congested and that local folks were working to solve the problem. They said they would refund my bank statement for the amount of money they had spent on the services once they had billed everything.

A few month later the wait was long gone and the support representative said there would be a loan as soon as everything was fine. And now the waiters are back again, simply calling it support and its answer: "We don't spend any money unless the waiters are down for more than 4hrs.

" When I asked about the other periods when the Hotline had trouble, he said, "You have to call back after 3 working day to get the credit," me, "How can I get credits for past years? "Spectrum, "You can not, you must call back within 3 working day, even if you have an open case.

" That' s laughable, their services are not inexpensive, they offer the best services of all our rivals. I' ve payed to see the battle, the matches and the channel they provide and to see that nobody is flawless and everyone has problems, but if I pay for something and don't get the services in exchange, what do I actually pay for?

Our support team has no control to serve you - always in the darkness what to do for you. Conclusion of the treaties - Charter could not keep them. There' re too many grievances against Charter. Spectral sevices such as television and broadband are below the common standard. The after sales support only goes through the normal coupling and uncoupling of the modems, while the after sales support is back with the same problems within one workday.

At best, the web is slowly. Makes it feel more like wired lnternet than highspeed lnternet. Adding a devotional canal & they said it doesn't work because I'm not a new client? There are 7 speakers and the Platinum Pack... the main platforms are great and I never have a trouble with the web.

Spectrum? The majority of transmitters are played back on 3 different channel, so they say over 200 channel, but it's more like 80 (repeat twice on HBO, Cinemax and Showtime). Well, most canals pixel too, so they call it. In the past we had it directly on televisions that we didn't see often, like in sleeping rooms that had only simple canals.

It is the only available local telecom operator and neighbours who have satellites are not really lucky with it, so our possibilities are limit. In my view the web is expensive (of course I could afford more if I wanted it faster!). However, the telephone services are quite good and inexpensive.

But they' ll probably make it up to the wire and the net. Yacht charter is good because they are all former Time Warner folks. Take Time Warner back. I' ve been a charter client for about two years after having spent 16 years with DirecTV in my main apartment and Time Warner in my holiday apartment.

They were both in every respect better and cheaper than charter. I had a housemate who had DirecTV, but he left, so I got Spectrum Basics bundles of wire, phone and so on. There is no claim with the phone or the use of the web, but the channel is duplicated and I cannot take the maximal number of shooting options without being compelled to see one of those shots at that point.

Unorganized, long waiting times for servicing and servicing that is never permanent, servicing cables that run through tree lines, devices that break down every day! They have been charter customers for three years and have a very unhappy fate. Then I was billed an extra $47 for the pro rata benefit, although I payed the pro rata $40 two workingdays before.

Terrible wait-and-see attitude. When you move, simply unsubscribe from the site and find another one. It'?s too much to buy a charter. Yeah, you get a bunch of canals, but more than 60% of them we don't even see or like. Wish you could just choose the ones you use and paid per channel...much better...they're not really great since Time Warner bought them, we've had a bunch of problems since they're done!

Now I have charter and have the best coding options and many of the premier channel show the same program. Received a leaflet in the email about a dealer, the Spectrum for TV stream, Spectrum TV Select to rival FuboTV and DirecTV Now. All I tried to do was use it to subscribe to this new facility and all I got was a redirect to their wire bundle agreements.

Obviously they say it's a free evaluation version, but they charge you an invoice and if you forgot to quit, they will have you for at least a months servic..... Charters are very high. I' ve completely abandoned the wire, but kept the web, which is very costly. It'?s a waste of your fucking precious valuable customerservice.

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