Granada Taxi Service

Grandada Taxi Service

Taxis cannot be ordered in advance. Granada has two different taxi companies serving the city centre: Teleradio Taxi and Radiotaxi Genil. Taxi services in Granada and the metropolitan region are listed below.

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Taxi's in Granada are whitish with a strip of grass and not overpriced. In the center of Granada there are two taxi companies: TEELERADIO TAXI (958 280 654) and READIOTAXI ENIL (958 132 323). Another firm runs the service from Granada International Airports to the center of the town. Unfortunately the taxi businesses do not know English.

You use a semi-automatic system: you talk to an attendant to tell you where you are, you play along with your background while the attendant calls a taxi near you, and eventually you get a quick, taped note saying either "taxi number ×xx on the way" (El taxi número xx està en camino) or that "at the time there are no Taxis available.

I' ll call a cab: In contrast to other places, you can call a taxi on the road or take one of the many taxi stands in Granada. When the taxi's clear, it's available. More information about the taxi rank locations in Granada can be found on the following maps.

The Andalusian government controls the pricing so that both firms have the same pricing in the center of Granada. If you get into the taxi, the meter shows 1 or 2 according to the timezone. Granada's central taxi meter is fully programmable for all seasons, dates and public festivals, so you only have to buy the displayed rate.

Taxi companies have fixed the price for the different areas of Granada and the taxi operator will not use the meter. Though some taxi riders are known to overtax their clients, there are formally fixed fares for traveling from the airports to Granada. These are the 2017 officials' rates.

TO THE AIRPORT: Property LostWhen you drop something off in a taxi, someone can drop it off and it is always a good idea to call the taxi company to see if they have found anything. Since taxi riders usually work the same shift, it's a good idea to call the next morning at the same hour and state where you were collected and where you are going.

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