Crockpot Air Freshener

Air Freshener Crockpot

All Natural Crockpot Air Freshener. Have you ever cooked a meal in a pot all day that makes your house smell incredible? CrockPot as air freshener/ odor neutralizer I used the Little Tipper Crockpot slowly cooler as air freshener or odour neutraliser for this "recipe". When you don't have a Little Tipper, you can certainly use a bigger Crockpot - whatever you already have in your home. And it was awfully simple - we had 6 Crockpot meals and a Turkey in the stove.

But. Last evening around 10:00, the place was evacuated and I picked up a radio. Wasn' t too good, but it was a slightly acidic scent of old hot chocolate and filthy crockery. Rather than actually washing the crockery and draining the crocodile pot, I removed the odour. The little car!

Ingredients-- water-bake powder (for the small spoon I used 3 tablespoons)---CrockpotThe Directions.pour liquid into the Crockpot you will use. Admixture yeast and yeast. Insert it and turn it to low (the Little Sipper and some of the little ones have no setting, they just connect). And I was very happy with how the powder really absorbed the smells of the cuisine.

Later I took the pot to another room and sniffed the water - it smells like hot spiced spirits. Whereah.

Air freshener pot

You' ve been working all over your kitchen to make a tasty supper for your whole familiy (which they have done totally), but your home still reeks of that marvellous next evening out. Remove the pan and let it cook all morning. In a jiffy, your home will smell amazing (without the memory of what you had for supper last night).

Odours are neutralised by the leavening powder, while citrus, cinammon and Vanilla mix wonderfully to fill your home with a crunchy, mellow scent. Put all accessories in the pan and put on low. Leave the top open, keep the mix hot all night, absorb unpleasant odours and replace with sugary knots of citrus, custard and candy.

It' a fast and simple way to refresh your home without having to think about it! Do you have any favourite prescriptions for pot-pot soft drinks?

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