Spectrum Customer Service number

Customer Service Number

This number is on your last invoice. Please call the customer service or headquarters number below. Work as a customer service representative at Spectrum: 1,425 Ratings

It wouldn't be such a terrible thing to do if the business was run better. However, the full concentration on the customer and not on the employee makes it hard for the employee to really handle tricky people. It'?s not a hard task - just go with the help they give you and go from there, but once you get out of education, it all comes down to how hard your work gets.

While some of the super's are stunning individuals and make your jobs great, others are inefficient or, in some cases, bigoted, making the jobs seem impossibly. The top management/HR has a very fixed reaction to "working" with the poor superiors instead of encouraging better staff for the outposts. However, these statistics are changing all the time, and again - how hard it was to get these statistics is very close to how useful your manager is.

It' s also not possible to get to the top unless you know the right kind of person and don't annoy the right kind. And don't be expecting to remain there for more than 1-2 years without loosing yourself and your mind. great boss and manager for what they could do, be paying, benefit. Optimalanagement. The Spectrum was an incredible enterprise to work for.

Our managers had a lot of pleasure and the motivation of our field staff and account managers was great. It does not take any notice of its staff and how they influence their lives and families. Payment is not valuable for the work you do and the misuse you suffer from clients every day. I' d never vote the firm for anyone.

The work at Spectrum was definitely different for me at first, the only available hour was definitely later in the morning and the chance to switch shifts will come, but it's not sure you get what you want when the clock comes. Though they say that they do, the only thing that really interest them are your numbers and what you do for them, without taking into account that your is still a people.

Even the business as a whole is quite disorganized, they're never clear when they're going to release something new or do an upgrade for something, even though they've quite literal fixed deadlines for things that nothing ever goes as scheduled or on schedule, so your bogged down dealings with angry clients because something went awry with the upgrade and now you have to tell some folks why they don't have their cables or other problem.

However, to be honest, the advantages are good in relation to 401,000 and healthcare and dentistry, but in my own view I think staff should get more money for what they are dealing with every day. It was a very quick work and it does not allow any downtime, you also had several tasks with replying to telephones, troubleshooting and receiving payment, explain the invoices.

I' ve been enjoying working with humans. It was a pleasure to get in touch with my clients, especially the regular clients. It was a pleasure to put a big grin on their faces. You didn't have the customer service and custody that Bright House had. Employees would tell the customer anything to make a purchase. It is a good business, but sometimes the managers can be very distant.

This is not the way the entire senior staff is, but some executives are very distant and willing to help you make progress in the business. It is a place where it is enjoyable to work. Our managers are very well educated. Well, I didn't like working for Spectrum. I had no true cover for my staff from handling customer misuse, my managers did not offer reasonable remuneration for a good work alongside cake and sweets, the advantages are not too great considering that I have a bill from my physician and it was not insured by the insurer working with Spectrum.

Their only advantage is that the locals are so preoccupied with being misused by clients that they have little opportunity to go to the theatre with their staff. I' ve gotten to know some really great guys while working there, but apart from that I have nothing to say. It' not a good business at all to work for.

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