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Airbus' mission is to make things fly. This advanced project is an Airbus outpost in Silicon Valley. Think of a borderless universe, free of restrictions. Think of a borderless universe, free of restrictions. Step into this paradise with open arms, with your mind set on your voyage into the unfamiliar.

Define the destiny anew. In Silicon Valley, we are the wing post of Airbus, one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative products for the aircraft and space industries. It is our belief that the present day will be shaped by intermittent periodically generated innovations.

It is our business to shape the futures of flying now. We base our project on thorough analyses, new findings and a dedication to irrational objectives. Discovery is worrying, and only if we disturb Airbus, its rivals and the whole sector will we consider our objectives and our missions a successful one.

Full operation of the Airbus Group in Silicon Valley

The Silicon Valley-based Ventures-Fonds and Airbus Group A³ ( "AIR") are fully functional six month after their first start, said Tom Enders, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to attendees at the Digital Life Design 2016 in Munich. At the end of May 2015, the Airbus Group heralded the creation of its Silicon Valley activities with a fully autonomous risk finance foundation and an Airbus A³ brand centre for innovations.

Tim Dombrowski was named Airbus Venture Capital Chief Executive Officer and Paul Eremenko A3 Chief Executive Officer. Now that Airbus Ventures has finalised its management formation, it is running with an Airbus Group engagement of 150 million US dollars. Airbus Ventures recently made its first investments in Local Motors, an automotive enterprise located in Phoenix, Arizona, which blends open technology design and open micromanufacturing.

Locally Motors is operating with a burgeoning worldwide ecosystem of micro-factories, and the resources Airbus Ventures has injected will be used to build micro-factories and labs in Germany, focusing on aviation and space. A³ ( "A-Cubed"), headquartered in San Jose, California, is a company optimised for fast turnaround and low exposure to risks while closely linked to the Airbus Group's key business areas.

Its mission is to use the Silicon Valley eco-system to exploit technology, mission-critical, production and other disruptive possibilities with a view to affecting the Airbus Group and its businesses and the remainder of the sector. Now that A³ has fully filled its executive board, the company is focusing on a number of demonstrator delivery engagements with the aim of providing compelling demonstration capabilities within aggressively tight deadlines and assisting Airbus pilot companies in fast partnerships in Silicon Valley and worldwide.

Airbus Ventures also assists A3 with due dilligence and provides technological know-how to the company's portfolios. One of the first of these is a commercial project with the supplier of ground based mobile services. A is working on a commercial launch to offer an on-demand transport services with the Airbus Group's H125 and H130 aircraft, with the aim of testing a new mission statement for aircraft owners to reach a wider client population.

Airbus Ventures' senior executive staff consists of Tim Dombrowski, who acts as General Partner. Heikki Makijarvi, General Partner and VC-Veteran at Accel Partners and T-Venture of Deutsche Telekom, and Thomas D'Halluin, COO and previously with Airbus in China and Toulouse, join him.

Besides Paul Eremenko, A³'s management board includes his alternate Eduardo Dominguez-Puerta, who recently was appointed by Airbus in Toulouse, where he was a manager in charge of implementing Lean Manufacturing and developing the delivery pipeline. Further information on Airbus Ventures can be found at http://www.airbusvc. com and on A³ by Airbus Group at

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