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In the Flight Center we offer a large selection of national and international flights. So it is worth visiting their website for specials on domestic flights to South Africa. Travelstart Egypt offers you cheap flights!

Domestic flight booking in Thailand - Thailand Forum

hey, everybody, will arrive in Bangkok early next day, whoo-hoo! I' m trying to make my domestic Thai flight reservations through AIR ASIA on-line (they seem to be the best deals) but I can't be lucky. This transfers me to Secure Mastercard to validate my details and does not validate that I am making the payment - I answer all my queries properly!

Thus my query is, is a booking agency readily available in BKK and other areas of Thailand where I can make my booking which would be at the samefare? The Bangkok Airways quotes a ludicrous amount as compared to Air Asia. A lot of planes! Booking can often be made in a 7-11 store and some bank -

The Phuket Samui routes are operated only by Bangkok Airways and are not inexpensive. If you still want to travel with Air Asia, you can buy a flight at one of the outlets/counters in Bangkok. They' re usually all over Thailand, I know that. I have a web browsing problem and do not want to open your hyperlink, I am using a portable one.

AirAsia Reversal on-line - We had the same issue as you because securedmastercard would not check our payments in the end phase of the booking. Some research revealed that the issue was the web browsers we used to make the booking. After switching to another web site and re-entering our flight information, our first attempt to pay was successful.

AirAsia's website will list the web browser(s) best suited for booking on its website. Probably the latest release of IE. Nok Air (who do the same) sends a text from your cell to the booking centre and they answer with a payment card that you can use to make payments on 11.7. and at some bank counters.

I' m not sure that's the way Air Asia does it. I' ll try booking again with another webrowser to see if that will help. I need information about how hard it can be to make domestic bookings within Thailand in February. Are we risking not getting a flight?

I' d buy a ticket as soon as you know your trip details, not only because of accessibility, but also because the costs are probably lower. Secondly the above regarding costs, but in my wisdom you can always get next days or even same days if you are willing to make the higher payment.

They have many departures on the major itineraries and are rare to find them out. You can sometimes even get lucky on a reduced flight for a while.

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