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From 22 January, some require a domestic flight pass. Thanks to the Royal ID Act, in some countries a driving licence will no longer be trimmed for domestic trips from 22 January. Yonkers, Department of Homeland Securities Royal ID Executive Vice President, Steve Yonkers, stated that from that date, all adult passengers embarking on a government-regulated plane - domestic flights included - who do not have a physical ID or "extended ID" must present an alternate means of identity (such as a valid ID document, Global Entry card, or other valid ID card) for reasons of safety, unless they reside in a state that has received an renewal.

It is the last stage of a law adopted by Congress in 2005, as a result of 11 September, designed to increase safety levels for state-issued driving licences. "It is one of the objectives to stop terrorist attacks from going aboard airliners," said Mr York. Currently, all countries are in the implementation stage of implementation of Real ID programmes.

28 states and areas are already fully in conformity and 26 have been extended until 10 October 2018. Only two areas, American Samoa and the Northern Mariana Islands, are still being tested for an expansion, Yonkers said. Yonkers said Homeland Security has worked with the TSA to make the move seamless.

Travellers with a driving licence that has been obtained from a State that has been extended may continue to use their driving licence in the meantime. However, from 1 October 2020, every passenger on domestic flights will need a genuine ID-compliant licence or other valid means of identification.

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This can be a cost-effective and time-saving travelling opportunity that allows you to discover every nook and cranny of the world. However, they are not restricted to the two big companies, as a number of low-cost companies have joined the fiercely contested domestic tourist industry. Search the Jetstar, Peach, Skymark Air and Vanilla Air flights for the best flight choices for you.

Like low fare flights, some of the most comfortable features of major airlines - such as on-line check-in - are not always an optional feature, and the amount of baggage you can take with you at no additional charge is limited. Although it is generally a dependable way to fly, the main causes of air traffic delay are usually the typhoon and volcano eruption, especially when travelling to the Kagoshima area.

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