Evergreen Cab Juneau

Immergrünes Taxi Juneau

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TERRIBEL AND INDEPENDENT - EverGreen Taxi- day trips, Juneau, AK

At Evergreen we had reserved taxis on-line to get a taxi from the cruising terminals to the Mendenhall Glacier. While I don't recall the gentleman's name, our chauffeur waited in a beautiful 4x4 and took us directly to Mendenhall. It was fun and interesting and gave us a lot of information about Juneau.

Said he wouldn't be working then, but someone else from Evergreen would have us picked up. Then the next rider was 20 min too early, and his car was an older truck that was vibrating aggressive when it stopped. On our way back from Mendenhall he tried to set us down at the fake dock.

He probably wanted us to get off at the jetty near the city center because he was already later.

Evergreen Taxi - Mendenhall Glacier - saves you money and saves your precious days!

A few month before the date of my trip, I threw and turned around to find the best way to see the Mendenhall Glacier with the strange 14:30 - 22:00 lock. 1 ) 1 ) Public transport - the best ($2 pp per way), but it will take at least 1 hr to get there + 1 1/2 mi on foot from the stop at the parking area.

3 ) Rental a care - we made a $120 island booking with Avis, but our boat is attached to AS, the way is about 1 miles to Avis offices at AJ Wharf, well, we don't have enough spare for that. 4 ) Evergreen Taxis is the best choice for the following reasons: Most importantly, no waste of your valuable experience.

It was waiting for us at the planned place opposite the jetty, when we had reached agreement on 14:30 o'clock. We were in the parking at 15:00 o'clock and scheduled the pick-up at 17:15 o'clock. 5 for the entry to the reserve (everyone must buy it unless you have a National Parks Pass) + 2 pp for a cab to get to the reserve.

It is still very worthwhile to spend the restricted amount of your stay in the harbour even with only 2 people. There were 15 in our group, with 2 automobiles, we had 2 Seniors National Park passports, so we all had $5 entry per person savings. $140 roundtrip for 2 automobiles + $30 ($2 fee) + tip.

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