Minicab Licence Requirements

Mini-Cab License Requirements

To apply for a PCO license, you must meet ALL of these requirements. Prerequisites for speaking German - Transport for London For the sake of security, it is vital that all authorised individual rental operators are able to provide adequate levels of communication in English. The driver must be able to interact with the passenger to talk about a journey or ticket price and to view, interpret and react to important information sent by the TfL on regulations, security and touring.

As of 14 October 2016, all candidates for a personal commercial driving licence must be able to speak B1 standardised B1 standard English-language. Transition is underway and new licence and renewal requests have until 30 April 2019 to demonstrate that they comply with the requirements of the British version.

In the case of licence application lodged after 30 April 2019, licence holders must prove, before issuing a licence, that they satisfy the requirements of the language used in their licence application. Our aim is to implement an exam in German that is more important for the roles of a commercial individual but stays on the B1-level.

Such as, for example, tailor-made materials with speech and terminology directly related to the roles and responsibility of a rental car individual. Über has dismissed his appeals so that the British linguistic condition still exists and cannot be challenged. Below is a sample set of appropriate supporting documents that you can provide to demonstrate that you comply with the requirements.

As long as it is given in grammar and vocabulary, the topic of qualifications is irrelevant. Currently there are two accredited suppliers of intermediate tests in English: Trinity College London et IELTS (International Englisch Languages Test System). The ISE I qualifications of Trinity College London are recognised by the London Institute for the Study of Languages (TfL) as proof of compliance with the new requirements for the use of the British equivalent.

Learn more about Drinity and how to take the ISE I test. The IELTS Academic and General Training exams are both acceptable to the TOEFL as proof of compliance with the new requirements for the teaching of British. More information about other suppliers and how to make a booking will be posted on this website.

Proposers can convince companies of TfL's capability to fulfil the requirements by the following measures: Certification from one of TfL's trusted test suppliers certifying that the applicant's knowledge of German is at levels B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: "GER " or higher; or; or; documented proof of a qualifying diploma (whether or not the qualifying diploma was obtained in the United Kingdom) on the strength of which Mr or Mrs J. LfL is convinced that the applicant's standard of command of the British language is equal to or higher than Level 1 of the GER.

These are our instructions on how to meet the requirements of the British speaking world. This can be done either by taking the test with a safe supplier contracted by the TOEFL or by demonstrating your proficiency in speaking, listening, reading and writing at the appropriate levels in EN. Copies of the changed personal rental conditions regarding your knowledge of British and a copy of the Equality Impact Assessment are also included:

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