Round the World Family Ticket

Family ticket around the world

a 9 weeks world tour with the family Not sure whether it was itching, the wish to "see" the world, the wish that our kids get a better idea of the place where we live, or the realization that they had grown to the right ages - but something prompted us to choose a "Around the World" game. We made a shortlist of all the places we really wanted to go....

and then reduced it to something small.

Our goal was to make sure that we would not only see the places of interest, but also that we would discover them off the well-trodden paths and that we would get to know more about the inhabitants and the cultures of each place. So this is how our journey went..... All we wanted was to be here for 4 nights and that was mainly to see Angkor Wat (at the top of my must-see list), so I chose an Intrepid Independent tour named Angkor Explorer, where we had our own tour leader and transportation for 3 nights.

Our enchanting and expert tour leader Moni acquainted us with the beautiful and truly inspiring jungles of ancient monasteries and ancient remains, as well as a cruise to the swimming village of Lake Tonle Sap. with the Grand Palace as our herd.

That wasn't disappointing (what a fabulously glittering building complex!), but we all found the town difficult to control - maybe we could have spent a few more nights getting used to the busy streets and atmospheres. Maybe traveling with kids offers more possibilities for interacting - certainly many locals wanted to speak to us (and were intrigued by my little girl with her long blonde hair).

Those 2 week were the best part of the whole journey - I found the humans and the story alluring. In many ways, however, the unforgettable things make a journey unforgettable and more of an adventurous one - after all, you don't buy pasta every single night through the bathroom windows of a railway!

For the next two short months I had been planning a relaxed do-as-we-like period, starting with a whole weekend in a self-catering flat on Trinity Bay. It was also very nice, and I have to say that we just spend a good deal of our free hours just lounging on the beaches instead of exploring...but then the ocean was hot, the weather was sunny, and Australian wines and beers needed a tasting!

A very long plane ride from Sydney (via Auckland) to Santiago, Chile, where we stayed for the night (with a short view of the city), followed by another trip to Lima, Peru. Our booking this year was for the Andean and Inca tours - another small family group trip that promises to experience Peru's attractions.

This was a good journey and very well organized by our friendly and effective tour leader Louise. During our stay on the island I had been booking the Intrepid/GAP Adventures "Galapagos Family Adventure" journey, which would bring us 2 night in Quito and 7 night on a canoe. I found this journey in a niche costly bazaar with a max. of 16 people, just the right amount, inexpensive.

Everyyday we visited different island and got the opportunity to go snorkelling with a lot of reading and sleeping while we were looking for killer species like porpoises, white fish, porpoises, whales etc. This is definitely a great journey for those who love to watch wild animals - and we are lucky that none of us get sea sick (unlike some of the other passengers!).

Buying at the Otavalo supermarket, equestrian, usually relaxing in a very comfortable environment, we enjoyed some of the world' s toughest rides on the Panamerican Highway! A long trip over Madrid was followed by a long home trip, where we were together again with family, boyfriends and the cats and one next morning with our pack!

It was a journey of a lifetime? </ i>...>.

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