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embroidery school Once I made a promise to pose images of all readers' stories stitched with engravings learnt here at Stitch School. It' s inspirational, I think, to see what others are doing and listen to their processes, so I am always excited to publish images for Show-and-Tell. An Amanda S. was writing to me last night to tell me about an example of an Embroidery design she just finished.

They got it from her mom a Christmas with a memo saying that when she was done sewing it, her mom would stitch it ready. Amanda' s To-Do stack was lying there for a while because she didn' know how to do most of the necessary stitching. It recently landed at the top of the heap, and she said to herself, "I can do this."

When she stumbled across the Stitch School on the web and learned the tricks, she made it in about a whole week. Before she sent it to her mom. It is now buryd in her to-do pole, waiting for a pick bay edging and a carrier material.

Advance Journal, January 7, 1898, p. 2

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