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( Australia ); School Flights ( Australia ); A travel agency near you. Discover or plan and book your oneworld Explorer world tour online. You can book Star Alliance RTW tickets online at Star Alliance Book & Fly.

Star Alliance Book & Fly" is available in English, German and Japanese. Therefore I would like to give you now the knowledge and the tools you need to book your own world tour.

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Before I fly around the world in Business Class, I spend a great deal of my spare tire thinking about how I can get the most value out of my points and mileage.... The All Nippon Airways (ANA) Round the World Awards. Allow me to make it clear that not only do I think this is the best way to use your American Express points, but this is probably the best honor I have ever received (note that SPG points can also be applied to ANA).

I' ve just signed up for this awards myself with 115,000 ANA points to travel around the world in business class! In the following you will find what I have learnt through online research and communication with ANA. ANA Round the World Flights are charged on the basis of the entire route travelled.

In order to keep the number of kilometres as low as possible, you should travel directly or have flights that are very near to the route between your destination. The transport on the road does not matter for the kilometres flown, but is regarded as a transit stop. If, for example, you are flying to Paris and taking a rail to Frankfurt, both Paris and Frankfurt are stops, but the distances between them do not add up to your entire number of kilometres.

As ANA is a member of the Star Alliance, you can travel with any member airline: You can also travel with ANA's partners if a Star Alliance member does not offer a service. One example would be the Hawaiian Airline between Oahu and Maui. An ANA Round the World Reward cannot be booked online.

It is advisable to research in advance so that you know your itinerary and the premium available before called. As soon as you have made your reservation, the carrier, passengers, cabin category and itinerary cannot be modified. After booking an air fare, the cancelation of an unscheduled fare is possible. What airlines should you use? If you use your ANA Round the World mileage to book your ANA Round the World reward, it's not entirely free.

You' re still gonna have to foot tax and gas supplements. My ANA Round the World Award was $670 when I bought it, but that's because I wasn't very agile on my itinerary. Especially the Thai Airways flights from Europe to Thailand corresponded to a high additional charge. Do not use extra fuel:

You must choose which airline to operate as many Star Alliance members require ridiculously high additional charges for gas. The following carriers do not add a supplement for ANA Round the World tickets: The LOT Polish Airline and ANA are also good choices. Each charges a small amount of additional petrol, usually less than $100 per trip.

Specifically, ANA has extraordinary business and first class product, so it can be valuable for a small additional fee. Travelling within Asia, for the most part, airlines in Asia apply low fuelling supplements. One good example is Thai Airways, which still incurs costly petrol costs between Thailand and Europe, but can be a good choice if you fly within Asia.

Few other blogs have said that Air Canada doesn't charge extra for an ANA reward, but that wasn't the case in my time. Your Business Class products are outstanding in this respect, so I think it's still a good idea to pay the additional charge. Generally, the highest aviation charges in Europe are the highest per capita charges, ranging from $200 to $600 per trip.

However, even if you fly with an air carrier that has no additional charges for petrol, you still have to make payment of your air fares. Great Britain and France also levy higher tax for departures in Business and First Class (ridiculous, I know). fare for your flight: Evaluate an ANA Round the World journey with ANA and United awards discovery features.

If you are an air carrier that does not add an ANA premium to your airfare, you should use United's Find feature. United does not add additional charges for aviation fuels on its reward flights, no matter what carrier you fly, but they transfer the charges. Considering this, this searching utility is ideal if you want to compute what your tax is.

You should use United's online booking tools when booking flights on Air China, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Copa and United. Here is an example of a plane I booked from Madrid to Newark with United. You' d still have to have $46.66 in tax, no class thing.

If you are an airline that charges extra petrol, you should use the ANA Find tools. Ask ANA to look for return flights so you don't get the one-way rate. Every part of a trip is different in terms of fare, but you will get a general picture of the costs. ANA prices are inclusive of petrol supplements and sailing tax.

Suggested airline companies by region: From North America to Europe - travel with United or Air Canada. They have a really beautiful business class on their 787s and 777s, but Air Canada adds a gas up. Each airline has a high level of premium available. They can also use the 787 LOT to travel from Chicago, New York and Toronto to Warsaw, but that also costs a small additional charge.

From North America to Asia - ANA, United, Air Canada or Air China. The ANA and United charge a small supplement on petrol, but it's usually less than $50 on a single ticket. The ANA, United and Air Canada all provide beautiful business class choices for the new 787s. From North America to South America - travel with United, Air Canada, Copa or Avianca.

From North America to Australia, New Zealand to the South Pacific - Fly Air New Zealand or United. At Air New Zealand we have very low premium available, so you need to be able to be responsive for business. In order to get a Business Class place, you must either be fortunate or use a special feature such as Expert Flyer.

From South America to Europe - Avianca or Lufthansa. Flights from Brazil are not subject to additional charges, which is a very useful gap and allows you to travel with airlines such as Lufthansa. Brasil to South Africa - As already stated, there are no additional charges for flights from Brasil to South Africa.

If not, you will have to add extra petrol to travel to and from Africa. From Europe to South America - There are some airlines in Europe that operate to South America, but you would have to foot high charges for petrol. South America: If you want to go to South America, you will travel through North America or New Zealand and then travel through Brazil on your way to Europe or South Africa.

There are no possibilities between Asia and South America that I know of. From South America to New Zealand - Flying Air New Zealand between Auckland and Buenos Aires is your only choice. A lot of choices are available with airlines in Europe and South African Airways, but they all charge high fare supplements.

From North America to Africa - Air Canada flies from Montreal to Casablanca, but that doesn't do much. Business, Business or First Class? You can switch from Business Class to Business Class for just 40,000 - 50,000 ANA-mile more. In this way, I suggest you book an ANA Round the World Awards and get the most value out of it.

Round-the-world Business Class tickets usually cost ~$10,000+ if you have paid in real time. Although the accessibility of business class awards is much more difficult to achieve than that of economy awards, it is still very feasible. You just need to be agile and use awards searching machines to schedule your journey (I'll discuss that below).

Most Star Alliance carriers only provide Business Class (not First Class). Air New Zealand and Air Canada in particular are offering outstanding Business Class aircraft which compete with the First Class of other carriers (777 and 787). None of these carriers provide any/low fare surcharge, adequate premium available and high value business class seating on long-haul flights.

Regardless of which carrier you choose, you will want to find out which aircraft have the best Business Class. This means for most carriers that they want to travel with the Boeing 747, 777, 787 or Airbus A380 and A350. ANA' s Round the World First Class Awards can be a tremendous value if you have enough mileage.

You can only splash for First Class if all your segment (or most) actually have First Class. Most Star Alliance carriers have only Business Class, even large carriers such as Air Canada and Air New Zealand. Also, many carriers move out of their First Class and replace it with an upgrade of their Business Class products.

The Star Alliance carriers with the best First Class are ANA and Lufthansa. When you fly first class, it makes most sense to fly as much as possible with these carriers. Singapor Airways has a great First Class (perhaps the best), but they do not provide a Premier Reward Room outside their own reward programme (Bummer huh).

Star Alliance First Class carriers are Air China, Air India, Asiana, Swiss, Thai and United. As with Business Class, you should find out which aircraft have the best First Class products. This still means for most carriers that they want to travel with Boeing 747s, 777s, 787s or the A380 s and A350 s.

You will pay fuelling supplements on some of these carriers, but if you win First Class, it's generally rewarding. Remember that a one-way First Class flight with an air carrier like Lufthansa can be $5,000 - $10,000. Buying a seat around the world would probably be over $20,000 in value.

Arranging an ANA Round the World Awards is a very complex process as the amount of awards available can be very limited. You should plan your travel and know that awards are available on the dates you plan to travel before you call an ANA representative. It is generally quite simple to book only business flights, but it becomes more difficult with business class and almost impossibly for a first class route.

You will want to use the following searching machines for the accessibility of premiums: United' s keyword searching machine is very simple to use. And I like how you can get a 2-month look and only look for non-stop flights. United' rewards available on United flights may not be available with an ANA Round the World Awards, but the rewards available on other carriers should be fairly precise.

ANA' s keyword research provides the latest Star Alliance awards available and is regarded as the industry benchmark. Reward availabilities can only be viewed for one weekly period. That means you'll need much longer to find the rewards available compared to using United. Once I've found the flights I want in United's finder, I'll sometimes ask ANAs again.

In addition, you must be a member of their rewards programme and have points on your bankroll that not everyone will have. Expert Flyer is a chargeable feature ($5/$10 per month) that gives you a few enhanced searching possibilities. Allows you to specify notifications for awards places as they become available.

It can be very useful if you are trying to find a place on an airline that has very low premium available (such as Air New Zealand) or if you have a very particular date on which you need to travel. It is an easy way for carriers who usually have sufficient room for awards in industry and commerce.

It is also an example that takes you around the world, but it is near a line so that the number of flying mileage is minimized. There are 18,610 flying mileage points, which would be 75,000 for the economy, 115,000 for the economy and 180,000 for the first. There are 24,363 flying mileage points, which would be 100,000 for the economy, 145,000 for the economy and 220,000 for the first.

The total number of miles flown is 30,282, which would be 140,000 points for the economy, 200,000 for the economy and 300,000 for the first. You get 3x points for flights, 2x points in super markets and petrol station and 2x points in restaurant. Using this item as an example, you could make an ANA Around the World journey just because of this bonuses.

Please notice - You can receive both Premier Rewards Gold and Platinum Gold calling carts to maximise your points. These include ANA's debit and debit cards and flights on ANA flights or other Star Alliance flights. ANA Round the World Award flights are not subject to additional charges for aviation fuels by Air China, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Copa and United.

As ANA generally has low fuelling charges and the best Business Class and First Class available, they should also be used. You must be aware of departures tax as part of your ANA Rewards travel, but to keep it as low as possible, you should not travel from the UK, France or Germany.

Airline companies are not building up their business and first class at the same time. Find awards and evaluate a journey around the world using the ANA, United, and Expert Flyer finders. Depending on your planning, you should be prepared to accept a $250-750 tax and surcharge, depending on the chosen itinerary and the airline you use.

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