Fare Cost Calculator

fares calculator

NY, New York; Taxi fare calculator - fare comparison - price list - newsroom - local taxi info. You can find fares between any two stations in London. The single price finder only displays the costs of a single train journey. Tariff information for CTA buses and trains.

fares calculator

Pick a buss itinerary, a destination and two stops. Use the above check box to pick a buss itinerary and a destination, and then pick a stop for both getting on and off. For a Nitelink, Xpresso or Flat-Fare trip, you do not need to provide any further information - just click on "Calculate your fare" after selecting the trip.

To help you with your choice of stop, you can use a card when choosing a stop for getting on and off. Simply pick the card symbols above the entry and exit holders when they appear. Zooming in and around the chart when it pops up, you can then simply click on the cyan dot to highlight one of the Fare Calculator stop symbols and press the Orange "Select this stop for Fare Calculator" button.

SmarTrip® rates (valid on working days from opening until 9:30 and 15-19 and on weekend from 12 a. m. to closure)

In order to see the tariffs between railway stops, go to the Metrorail stops page and click on the stop where you start your journey. Underground to Underground. SmarTrip® bus-to-bus assignments are available for free, unrestricted Metrobus services (including round trips) within two hours. The use of the Passport products does not entitle you to a remittance voucher.

From Metrobus to Metrorail. There is a 50 discount available for bus-to-train and train-to-bus shipments with a SmarTrip ticket within two hours. The use of the Passport products does not entitle you to a remittance voucher. From Metrorail to Metrorail at the Farragut junction. The Farragut Crossing offers clients an alternate to the Metro Center when switching between the Red and Blue/Orange routes.

For example, a client who travels from Ballston to Bethesda can now get off at Farragut West, cross the course and return to Farragut North to resume the journey. At Farragut Crossing, the client will pay one fare, not two. The use of the Passport products does not entitle you to a remittance voucher. Please see Farragut Crossing Detail.

For up to two kids, four years and younger, travel free of charge, with each grown-up paid the full fare. Seniors aged 65 and over, disabled persons and Medicare cardholders with ID and passport for half the top price with SmarTrip admission. To learn more about qualification and purchasing a SmarTrip discounted smartphone, see our Sr. SmarTrip smartphone or Metro Disability ID or 202-637-7000 or TTY 202-638-3780.

Free-of-charge information on the use of Metrobus and Metrorail is available to elderly and disabled persons at 202-962-1100 or TTY 202-962-2033.

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