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Flights within Japan

On this page you will find information about domestic flights in Japan. Visit also our pages about cheap airline ticket and foreign flights to Japan. The domestic traffic is mainly carried by the JAL group and the ANA group, which each comprise several airlines and operate over fifty flights throughout the State.

There are also several smaller airlines which compete with JAL and ANA on the most favoured destinations in the State. Bookings for almost all Starflyer, Solaseed Air and IBEX Airlines can be made on the ANA website, while bookings for Fuji Dream Airlines code-shared flight can be made on the JAL website.

Please be aware that the rates on the ANA/JAL sites are higher than those on the airlines' regular sites. Haneda Tokyo is by far the most congested Japanese aerodrome and offers the most domestic flight in the Japanese capitol as well as an ever growing number of intercontinental flight connections. Tokyo's Narita serves mainly intercontinental and a growing number of domestic destinations.

Osaka Kansai Osaka operates both domestic and domestic services. Much of the transport (mainly international) that used to be carried out by Osaka's second largest destination, Itami Island took place here. Nevertheless, Itami remained a highly frequented domestic aviation junction. Further important Japanese aerodromes are Central Japan in Nagoya, Shin-Chitose in Sapporo, Fukuoka and Kobe aerodromes, Kagoshima and Naha in Okinawa.

Domestic prices have fallen sharply in recent years due to the de-regulation of the Japanese aviation sector and increased rivalry from low-cost airlines, and aircraft have become an economic, sometimes less costly option to the high-speed rail (Shinkansen) on some routes. However, the Japanese aviation sector has been subject to a number of changes in recent years. Whilst normal fare remains relatively high, low-cost airlines and the many discounts offered have made domestic flights in Japan more so.

Discounts include passports for overseas visitors that allow owners to use domestic services at a flat rate of just over 10,000 Japanese Yen per trip.

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