Book Taxi Online Leicester

Booking Taxi Online Leicester

Booking your taxi online is quick and easy with Swift Fox Cabs, Leicester. Book online now. Booking a taxi online in Leicester.

Leicester Online Taxi Reservation

There are many simple booking options, just check below to find out which one suits your needs. When you need a free call back to let you know that the taxi is outside, please let us know. There is no more queuing and so much simpler to book your taxi.

Enter your full travel information or send it and send it by email to our 24-hour call center. They can book your reservations on-line, cancelling, change or examine simple. Complete reporting allows you to review any past or current reservation, which is perfect for budget scheduling and discussion.

You can save all your adresses in an adress book so that an adress once typed into the system never has to be typed again. Should you wish to use this system, we will pay a free on-site training session to teach your employees how to use this easy-to-use system.

Automatic booking system - No more queuing! There is no more queuing to book your taxi. When you need a taxi from your home location, just book on our automatic system. The IVR is free and simple to use. Just call our offices and ask the operator to include IVR in your home number.

Then you can push 1 to book a taxi directly from the location where you are. When you need a special car, just talk to a telephone operator who will accept your reservation. You can now book up to 7 nights in advanced with our automatic reservation system.

The IVR Extended allows you to pre-book the taxi in anticipation to work every day in the mornings or for that particular evening without having to be in the line when we are in work. Give us a call now to find out how you can be added to our prioritized reservation services with IVR and have all your preferred pick-up points added to your number.

It' free, fast and simple, so you wait for something.

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