Next Apple Macbook Air

Apple Next Macbook Air

Is this an updated MacBook Air? Is Apple's next ultra-thin laptop going to appear as MacBook, MacBook Air Brand? MacBook with a new, ultra-thin styling - and it's set to hit the market soon. There are no extra detail about the notebook available, but DigiTimes, which traditionally has a hybrid historical track-record with Apple rumours, said that "Apple is also expecting to soon reveal its new ultra-thin MacBook," in a history that highlights a move toward sleeker notebooks with slim lenettes that was remarkable at the last IFA show.

It' s not clear whether the Apple laptops referred to in the DigiTimes review belong to the Apple MacBook line or whether they will be part of the MacBook Air series. In fact, if this MacBook actually falls into the MacBook category, Apple may not have much room to make the Mac much leaner than the MacBook model available today - it still has to adjust the size of the device's built-in USB Class 1 connectors.

Recently, rumours have been spreading about a new MacBook Air, indicating that Apple will upgrade its much-loved ultra-portable device with a Retina screen - a premiere for the Air line - new fixtures and an upgraded look. Apple was able to reduce the size of the theme by migrating to using designated MacBook Air default USB-C connectors and USB-A connectors.

When Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pros, he pointed out that the Pro's consistent width means that the laptop was still slimmer than the biggest dot on the MacBook Air. As Intel's partners unveiled new Amber Lake and Whiskey Lake portable processor products at IFA last week, it's possible that these products will likely find their way into an updated MacBook or MacBook Air.

The Whiskey Lake is Intel's line of U-Series Intel CPUs, and this package will be better for a MacBook Air, while the more energy-efficient Y-Series Amber Lake is likely to be a better option for refreshing the MacBook. In the past, Apple trusted Intel Core M Y-Series CPUs for its MacBook family.

It' s not clear at this point when Apple will announce the new notebook, but it has already been conjectured that Apple could hold a Mac in October. The Mac Mini, a small desk that hasn't received large updates in a few years, could be another Mac favourite Apple was able to upgrade on this occasion.

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