Fare Receipt

ticket receipt

Once you have purchased a ticket, a receipt will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you made your reservation. You can also view and print your ticket on the ANA website. Fares and Extra's Access code (+tax) Detailled receipts show much more information about the fare, the extra features and the taxes. 1 receive head. The text can be configured in the extended options.

2 Cabin/company information panel and pushbutton. Touch a cyan icon to open the extended preferences, where you can make the preferences shown here. 3 Starting point of the journey.

It'?s a knob again. This can be set so that it is completed in the extended preferences or you can enter the adress at any point using the green "Start" key. 5 Fare section to display fare detail for the displayed date and number. 6 Detail of the price of distances. The reception continues: 7 Timetable detail.

8 Overall spacing and hourly rate amount. 9 Tools section. List all travel options inclusive of taxes. 10 Sum of fare and extra. The reception continues: It is a box and a pushbutton. Touch a pushbutton to customize the overall amount. If the fare is $9.4 and the client says $10 and expect to see this on a receipt, this is what you are using.

14 Acknowledgement of receipt. Tapping a memo icon allows you to specify the memo for that document. You can also set up a "preformed" text for the memo until you override it on a particular document. 15 Reception mode selection switch. Enables you to select a different document to display.

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Once you have bought a voucher, a receipt will be sent to the e-mail account you provided when you made your booking. You can also view and download your voucher from the ANA website. The following links allow you to view and printout your receipt. Please have your ticketing number handy. They can use this feature for purchase of airline seats at ANA (including flight awards).

Receipt Web Display Service" must not be used in the following cases. In other cases, you may not be able to use the "Receipt Web Display Service", as in such cases enquiries can be made using the reception form. 2 Please make your inquiry when ordering. The name on the receipt can be changed to either English or German.

You can also view and view a detailled view (fare/tax/charge information, etc.) of the voucher at You and your partner at ?You. In case you are not able to use the "Receipt Data Web Displays Service", please submit your inquiry via the registration sheet. Please note that receipt cannot be sent by e-mail orAX. A receipt can be requested by clicking on the following button.

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