How much would it Cost to take a Taxi

What would it cost to take a cab?

What does it cost to get a taxi license? All taxis in New York City need a so-called "medallion" in order to operate in the city. At many of the cheaper taxi locations, it may be almost impossible to obtain the official measured rate. You can now include the transport costs in the rest of your plans. Taxi drivers accept cash and credit card payments.

en - How much does a taxi cost from Southampton to London?

105 pounds may sound inexpensive for such a long haul taxi from London. The popular London taxi company Addison Lee quotes around 250 pounds - they are not the lowest, but their rates are usually quite competitively priced. £250 is not at all amazing for me for a normal taxi company (I was anticipating around £230).

Crowsourced taxi site/app Uber, which is usually the least expensive alternative, offers 104-£139 for their smallest, least priced vehicles [Uber will not really be booking overland trips, as Ankur Banerjee points out, but their offers give an idea of reasonable prices]. A £105 is less costly than three persons taking an extra charge (£39.50 each) and London taxi's are known to be costly - it can cost 50 just to get from one side of London's 2 to the other.

Long haul cabs are particularly costly as you not only pay for your trip but also for the (usually empty) taxi ride back to your home after you have been taken. In addition to the driver's own hours, this also means twice the amount of petrol (which is costly in the UK) and all the deal they were missing on the way back to the station.

When they get caught in jams, when you don't show up, when you're very late or when you make a run, it's much more annoying than for a quick trip.

What would it cost to take a cab from Stansted to Croydon? London

How high are the taxi rates? So how can I avoid being cheated to buy more for a taxi? You can take a coach or rail to Central London and then take a South Line to Croydon. Contains also hyperlinks to all sites for traffic, airline companies, railways, busses etc. Hello Paige, don't take a taxi, there is an express from Stanstead to London Liverpool Street, you can then take a metro from Liverpool Street to London Bridge and then take a rail from there to East Croydon. And from there you make your way to Croydon, which is easy by taking the rail with Citymapper as your tour leader. doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon't take a taxi.

Stansted Express trains and subways. Hello Paige - It is best to book a Croydon taxi company or a high flyer in ahead to get the best price. It' s a long trip from Stansted to Croydon (60 miles) so you're going to be looking at 70 - 80 for even the cheapest taxi I think.

The best thing to do is to get a defector, I'd say. I' d rather be recommending a train than a taxi, otherwise it's over £100. Hello Paige, it would be a great deal, at least 75, which I am expecting. Or you could use over, but you'd probably have to hold off for a while. I' m sorry, I don't know, I just moved across the street from London.

You ever hear of him? It' d be about 50 - 75 and will depend on the taxi service. It' s about 60 mile from Croydon and a taxi ride would take about 1 hr and 30 min. and would be costly. You can take a direct from Stansted Airport to East Croydon Station - the cost is about £25 - £30.

Don't take a cab! At the edge of the city on the other side of London, Stanstead will be very costly by taxi. Their much less costly alternative is to use them. From Croydon to the centre of London, Croydon train services run regularly from East Croydon. You can then steer your way to Stanstead from Liverpool Street train Station.

As an alternative, if you are spending the night in croydon, Gatwick airport is much nearer. Gatwick to East Croydin runs every 10 min and costs under £10. Hello Paige, I would suggest, if possible, to book a coach to Victoria or somewhere in England and then take a taxi to Cairdon. Stadium and London are within a mile of each other. Can take you to Central England for about a five per people.

Hello, sorry, I haven't seen anything from Stansted....fare appraisal with Uber says between £60-76. You got a Uber-App? If not, I would hire a taxi with a Croydon based mini car stop to collect you and come back (if I go to Stansted or come back from Stansted later in the evening, I usually hire a taxi from my fixed rate mini car stop).

A taxi at the airports is usually very costly. The best wager is to use over and the cost would be in the region of £60-80. They can book a taxi in advance and negotiate a fare instead of walking one metre. I' d appreciate £100. About would be much less costly. Mean taxi costs should be £65-70.

Depending on who you are booking with...UBER would be the least expensive, but you cannot make an advance booking. If not, Google a taxi service and make reservations in advance to prevent unanticipated charges. When you are traveling alone, the 2+ passenger train is less expensive, a taxi is the best choice. Well, it will depend where in London, but probably around £35/40?

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