Flying Building

Airborne building

The " flying building " of the MIT mounts itself in the sky and can be brought into catastrophe areas. Think of a system that is quickly assembled, easily transported and provides protection after a major catastrophe. MIT' s preproduction "Fast, Cheap and Out of the Box" was developed to handle such outcomes. Self mounting is based on a foldable "Figure 8" texture - a fibreglass tyre that folds into two smaller circles.

It reminds of the pop-up marquees you can buy for a festival. Obviously, this type of construction allows a great deal of power to be used to extend the structural area. The popup can also return to its initial shape thanks to the permanent connection pattern. In the Autodesk BUILD Space in Boston, the student development team created a number of prototype models, from cm to metre, which were lowered from different levels and subjected to tests.

Fiberglass splines were built using small wires and then gradually bigger fiberglass splines were created to provide easy foldability and fast popup releasing. Airborne chutes were created both by digital and mechanical prototyping and served as a power supply to start the pop-up movement and decelerate the descend to the floor.

It was implemented in the last phase of the test - when the popup was droped by a 100-foot cran on MIT's Briggs area. As a result, the crew refined the pop-up texture with a single trigger device, a neat fold pattern, and a minimum canopy. Much of the architectural work is durable, but for the projects "Fast, Cheap and Out of the Box" the dismantling capability was as important as the assembly of the structural elements.

" A project team:

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