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Private jet Gulfstream

To charter this luxurious executive business jet, call JetOptions. The Gulfstream Aerospace - Aircraft - G650 G650 - Velocity and elegance combined with styling and comforts. The Gulfstream G650 is a product of innovative and excellent technology. The Gulfstream engineering team worked with a customers council to develop an airplane that would establish a new benchmark in corporate aviation. Based on this information, the engineer refused the current situation with a clear worksheet concept.

The G650's long, unobstructed wings have reinvented the way an airplane wings travels, redefining the way it travels, providing a high-efficiency profile that enables velocity and an unbelievably gentle drive. Gulfstream's G650 is a jet that travels at more than 92 per cent of the velocity of sonic waves over thousand of a mile with fly-by-wire accuracy.

Identical innovative designs create a more quiet, spacious and flexible cab with cutting-edge technologies. The Gulfstream G650 travels 7,000 sea miles/12,964 kilometres non-stop with eight passenger at a long-range cruising rate of Mach 0.85. The Los Angeles to London is more than 30 min quicker and New York to Tokyo almost an hours nearer than other wide-body planes.

G650 makes once remote towns a part of daily work, and with the low est height of all corporate jets, it brings fresh air to your guests and makes them prepared for all future possibilities. Featuring an 8-foot 6-inch/2.59-meter-wide cab, the biggest in its category, it contributes to creating an extremely luxurious setting for 19 people.

16 large Gulfstream panorama window, each 28 x 20. The 5 inch/71 x 52 cm, let plenty of light into the cabins, even in the kitchen. Virtual tour the cab to see why the Gulfstream G650 is in a league of its own. Longer, broader cab and flexibility in cab layout provide more configuration designs for meeting, entertainment and relaxation.

Alternatively you can retire to a private room. When developing the G650, engineering staff took every aspect into account, even the passengers' breath. G650 has the smallest cab height of any corporate jet and refills 100 per cent freshness every two min. On a cruising height of 41,000 feet/12,497 metres, the cab is pressurised to a comfort height of 1,003 metres, more than twice as low as commercially available carriers and significantly better than any other non-Gulfstream jet in its category.

Reduced cab height means that the cardiac and pulmonary system does not work as harshly to supply the oxygen to the circulation, reducing tiredness and ensuring that arriving occupants are fresher and more awake. Travelling near the velocity of sound is one way to raise the tempo of your store. Gulfstream's G650 provides a wide range of ways to keep in touch, including web connectivity, two multi-channel satellites or a remote LAN for on-board print and telephony.

Dedicated server systems, high-definition home theatre gear and a booth sound system keep the company on course at Mach 0.925. Each detail of the interior of the G650 has been engineered to deliver an environment that offers intuitive maximum levels of controllability and comforts. Gulfstream GCMS syncs with Apple iOS or selected Google Android phones and tables to deliver touchscreen controls for temperatures, lights, window bezels and entertainments.

The Apple iPod touch or Google Android units are provided as cab control, but GCMS can also be stored in a free portable app on a passenger's iPhone, iPad or Android unit, allowing a person to store and retrieve preference for a later one. CabinView, developed by Gulfstream, enables travellers to follow the course of the journey, display points of interest and inform them.

Slim, flawless blades allow the Gulfstream G650 to be flown like no other competitive commercial jet. The Gulfstream team re-defined the interaction of the blades with the ambient atmosphere, significantly reducing aerodynamic resistance and increasing airspeed and cruising distance. Look at the G650's curved grand piano and see what it doesn't have - no whirl generator that interferes with the flow of naturally occurring wind over the grand piano, no state-of-the-art equipment needed by other airplanes to enhance low airspeed performance, and no uncovered hinge flaps and panels that cause aerodynamic resistance.

This equipment slows down the airplane, reduces the cruising distance and generates sound in the cab. Combine this unique design grand piano with new Rolls-Royce BR725 AI-12 higher thrusters and the G650 delivers unparalleled power. G650 has a maximum Mach Operating (MMO) of 0.925 and works excellently at low velocities.

It' just another example of Gulfstream smart engineering. The Gulfstream G650's PlaneView II flying platform offers state-of-the-art coatings in aerodynamic screens that help flyers think quicker than they do. Gulfstream developed cursors (CCDs) that give the driver more information at the touch of a button. Lateral cursors allow flyers to choose and scan information on the multifunctional display, giving them better information readiness and situation recognition.

The Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II includes an infra-red vision system that allows drivers to see what the naked human eye cannot see by delivering more detailled pictures of airport and perimeter environments at dark and in poor vision. The Synthetic Vision mixes three-dimensional colour imagery of terrains, obstructions and take-off and landing strips with meter reading on the pilot's Primary Facility Display, a unique feature that allows an easier visual display of the approaches for aircraft thanks to the most sophisticated airborne commercial aircraft canopy.

The Gulfstream is advancing the advancement of the airline's technologies by providing the 650 with a computer-controlled, high-redundancy fly-by-wire system that, in conjunction with the pilots or on fully automated machines, allows for meticulous modifications to be made, allowing for quieter flying and increasing passengers' comforts. There is no other corporate jet that can go as far as the 650ER.

The Gulfstream Field and Airborne Support Teams are developed to provide a fast and well co-ordinated reaction to AOG ( "Aircraft on Ground") conditions. Gulfstream G550 has found many fans, be it by gaining the prestige Robert J. Collier Trophy or by being recognized by its owner as the most valuable corporate jet. For Gulfstream, the only real addition to innovation in aviation is flawless technical assistance.

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