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Davido's private jet in Nigeria and how he can buy it.

Ever since the acting celebrity performer and performer made a few comments about buying his own private jet last night, the tension has been noticeable. In fact, some even loudly marveled at the adequacy of the buy, others immediately knocked them down that if he could buy it, it would be his sore head, while others also marveled loudly by saying that Davido must then be super-rich or enormously abundant, and that perhaps these 30 billion in the account's story could actually be close to the realities.

Personally, we think it's possible that the award-winning artist and business man might have purchased a jet if he wanted to. It' very possible to buy a private jet for $1.96 million. Davido got more than that? $1.96 million dollar is the real amount of a "Cirrus Vision Jet", the prize, (of course all-new) of the cheapest private jet that currently exists.

Also, don't let it be forgotten that there are still less expensive airplanes than those mentioned above, you can still buy a Cessna for less than $400,000, it is still a private jet. Costs can range from $300,000 to $4 million per year, which is 108,000,000 to 1.4b Naira per year, only for service and other problems, according to the nature and size of the PJ.

For Davido to own a private jet, he has to be worth at least 5 to 10 million US dollar, and then a constant flow of cash has to come in every year, with the demand of 30 billion already in his bank accounts, maybe that is possible. Another thing that most people may not have considered is that you can also sign a long private jet rental contract, while you can also buy a second handed private jet, which is much less expensive than a new one.

We would therefore like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Bolkestein on the fact that he is now beginning to make his own claims to being Olowo Ayye himself. But don't be amazed if those like Hush Puppi and Co. also say they purchased their own private planes.

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