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The Fast Cab Company provides the most comfortable and inexpensive local taxis in the Round Lake, IL area. We are the reliable local taxiservice, from local run and shuttle bars to full local transport services, willing to satisfy your transport needs. We offer our own international transport services covering all large Round Lake, IL international destinations, which include the following:

Our services include pick-up and drop-off from the airports to make your flight operations as fast and comfortable as possible, and our prices per metre are the lowest in the region! Because we are your best way to prevent all air travel. The use of our taxi services for all your local journeys is a great way for you to conserve your valuable travel experience.

With our door-to-door services, you don't have to worry about your shopping and are freed from the fight against all the inner city bustle. Almost Cab Company is the convenient cab company that will take you into and around the city so you can do more in less while.

This is the inexpensive and economical way to drive your own car. Our local BBQ bus will take you to and from your favourite night spot. Taking the worries out of car travel, we offer you a cash pick-up and drop-off throughout the region. PJ's Park Inn is free within four miles of and to the Park Inn within four miles of our PJ's Park Inn area.

Fast Cab Company is always operational when you are! Allow Fast Cab Company to be your first port of call for comfortable and inexpensive international transport, cash shuttle and local trips in Round Lake, IL. Plan your cab today!

Explore Taipei's local meeting points from the front seats of an operating taxi.



The best travel guide is sometimes the person you least want. Example: Taxicab driver. For example, in Taipei, visitors can fasten their safety belts and take a totally different sightseeing trip from the front seats of official vehicles. Since two years the Taipei travel agency Topology! offers a tourist programme named Taxicab Diary Taipei.

This programme mandates cabmen to transport passengers through Taiwan's vast city. There is a guided walk while the cab driver is on the watch to pick up other passengers. Taxis Diary Taipei offers not only the possibility for the tourist to see parts of Taipei that they might otherwise never see, like the labyrinth of alleys and side streets, but also allows the driver to interact with the world.

During their journeys, cab riders give inside advice on the best places to see a restaurant, park or museum, while in city proposals you probably won't find in travel guides. Among these riders on the list of the programme is Tim Wang. He has been taxiing in Taipei for more than 10 years and took the position after giving up his construction management work.

Just over six month ago, Wang came across the website of Taxi Diary Taipei on the Internet. Wang's other favourite locations are Wisteria Tea House, a tea house that also hosted the film "Eat Drink Man Woman "; Huaxi Street Market - also known as Huaxi Alley (Snake Alley), a two-block local food fair with local delights such as serpent bread and turtles; and Dalongdong Baoan Temple, a people's sanctuary where all types of celebrations and rituals take place.

Don't anticipate that Wang and his taxi drivers will be your chauffeurs for the night. Instead, the three-hour trip will take place at 80 dollars (about 2,576 dollars in New Taiwan dollars) while one rider is on-call. In Taipei, on the other hand, taxi starts at NT $70 for the first 1.25 km. The unorthodox agreement has an advantage:

As well as seeing the town in a new perspective, tourist can interactively communicate with local people and other guests while seated with a gun during part of the driver's working time. How many taxi riders can say that after a whole full days of bumper-to-bumper travel and divert?

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