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Browse our global classifieds to find all Bell helicopters sold by an owner or broker. Bell 206B III for sale Launched in 1971, the Bell 206B Jet Ranger II has the same cell as the Bell 206A, but features an Allison 250-C20 engine with 400 horsepower and a 200-pound higher total engine power to 3,200 pounds. This all-round 5-seater lightweight aircraft is a good powerhouse and is not only used as good air travel for jet engine flight instruction.

LBS Usable Fuel: What is the cost of a Bell 206B III? Very much to this chopper, periodic servicing, chopper in good working order, 2. owners of new. 750H+ Garmin VOR, Bendix/King KY196A, ELT, headset 5x Bose A20H, VFR Nacht, VIP interior, transportation frame, security..... Italy, Europe, sold by EUROTech S.r.l. Without incident story, this well-maintained Bell 206 Jetranger was last used for IR and VFR overnight flight trainings.

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Bell Helicopter's Bell 206 twin-wing, single or dual engined helicopter was initially designed as the Bell YOH-4 for the United States Army's Light Observation Helicopter Programme. Because it was not chosen, it was re-designed and successfully commercialized as the Bell 206A JetRanger. 206L LongRanger is a straight version of the Bell 206 Jet Ranger, with seven-seater capacity, two rearward-facing front and back seat options have been added.

The Bell version was very popular and was continually upgraded by the producer (more efficient motors etc.).

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Bell helicopters, established in 1935 as Bellcraft Corporation, continue to determine the speed of the sector and extend the application range of elevators. Bell Hellicopter, an unrivalled brand awareness market veteran, was the first to receive commercially certified helicopters. In our over 80-year heritage, Bell helicopters has shipped more than 35,000 planes to our clients around the globe.

Bell Hellicopter pioneered the tilt rotor plane with forward-thinking thought in progressive notions. Elevating like a chopper, these singular airplanes then take to the air like an aeroplane with twice the velocity, threetimes the payload and five fold the cruising distance of conventional helidecks. Aeronautics and space travel and aeroplanes will never be the same again. Bell Helicopter has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, and further factories in Amarillo, Texas and Mirabel, Canada.

Bell Helicopter, the world's leading supplier of VLLs, will continue to offer first-class service and assistance to its clients. To change the way the outside meets the outside flying with a secure and sophisticated elevator that will save life, preserve liberty and offer extraordinary value to people.

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