Jumbo Jet Booking

Booking Jumbo Jet

Would you like to make a Jambojet online booking? Looking for cheap jambojet flights online? To book If you are making a one-way journey, leave out the entry of your departure data. Choose the desired date of departure for a roundtrip trip. e) Choose the number of people.

f ) Choose your favorite currencies, e.g. Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars. You will see all available tariffs for your selected date on the display.

In order to display departures on other data, please use the arrows to the right and right of the data and fares in both outward ( departures ) and return ( arrivals ) print in fullface. Choose your favourite airline by pressing the next one. It is also possible to fine-tune the query by re-selecting your airport of embarkation, your destinations, your travel details and the number of people travelling. d) If you are not willing to continue with your booking but do not wish to loose the fares found, please use our fares block.

Pricelock is a premier payment option that charges a token charge separately from the tariff. e) Click "Next" to move on to the next stage of your booking. a) When making your booking, provide all the necessary information for the traveling people. Please fill in your personal data. The name must correspond exactly to the passenger's identity card or travel document. c) Choose your luggage assignment.

Please indicate if you do not wish to carry your hold luggage. d) Click "Next" to move to the next stage of your booking. a) You can choose your favourite seat for you and/or any of the passengers in your booking for a surcharge. Just click on your favourite seat(s) to make your choice.

When you have made your selection, click "Next" to go on. However, you can bypass this stage by selecting Bypass seat selection at the bottom of the page. b) Click "Next" to move to the next stage of your booking. a) Please provide your contacts and those of the travelers when making your booking.

Exact identification or passenger identification must be provided. Please make sure that the information you provide at this time is up to date, as we will use it for all communications relating to your booking at the time of booking validation. a) Choose your method of preference. Then you will get a route with all the trip information you have chosen.

Payments must be made within one lesson, otherwise the booking will be canceled.

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