Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Phone number

Mileage Plan Phone Number

Please use the information below for more information or to sign up for the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan Program. Ships Mileage Plan Number to Her status with another airline.

The problem has not even been solved by a phone call to the Award Desk. Disregard theoretical numbers on an award chart: live inventory is what really counts.

Airlines Alaska Mileage Plan

One of the most tricky things to find out when you book an overseas reward trip is how to get from your destination and overseas gateway. Even though there is more point-to-point services today, the vast bulk of today's intercontinental traffic flies between the main hubs with connections at both ends.

The Alaska Airlines rules are somewhat uncommon and often disappointing when it comes to affiliate awards ticket (i.e. a ticket that includes a flight with an airline other than Alaska Airlines). Alaska Airlines has a unique combination of partners and Alaska Airlines services, which in the past has made Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan premium flight positions very challenging.

Alaska Airlines' advantage of this is that it allows Mileage Plan to maintain individual premium tables for each airline which ( presumably) allows Alaska to set premium tariffs for services in a manner commensurate with its costs. So instead of having a graph for all your affiliates that calculates costs across all your applications, you can create a graph for each affiliate.

When Düsseldorf is your goal, it is amazingly hard to get there with the mileage plan. Disadvantage of this method is that in order to access affiliate gateway, you are restricted to the range of Alaska Airlines in North America (which used to be a big disadvantage) and you are also restricted to the range of the affiliate you are traveling with.

For example, if you fly to London with British Airways, you will not be able to travel to the remainder of Europe. Moreover, in some cases Alaska Airlines only has twinning contracts with a main company and not with all local subsidiaries: Eagle tickets for an affiliate rewards and Openskies tickets for a British Airways rewards.

That means that when you book an Alaska Airlines mileage plan, it is important to know which airlines are flying to your destinations and how you can get there. If you travel to Düsseldorf, for example, do not go there with Condor; you only go to Frankfurt and that is the end of the line as far as the Alaska Airlines mileage plan is concerned. Alaska Airlines is the only airline in the world that offers this service.

While you can do it with British Airways by passing through London, you must travel the whole distance (except the connection to and from the North America gateways town of British Airways, which can be operated on Alaska flights) with British Airways. But if you take into account the fact that British Airways charge more mileage, the fact that British Airways also charge a supplement on petrol, and the trouble to connect through London, you are probably better off going to Frankfurt and from there taking the Düsseldorf Express.

One other thing that really gets puzzling is what Alaska Airlines' airfares you can take to locate for a partners price. Let's say you want to go from Seattle to London in London in your Seattle Bus Charter this year. There' s one plane that seems perfectly suited for a trip from North America to London: Trouble is, if you try to take off from Seattle, that plane won't appear no matter what you do:

All the other routes are combined routes, and the compartment of economic classes is the long one ( by the way, Alaska, you should definitely repair that). So, of course, you wouldn't want to post them. Frustrating is that there is an Alaska Airlines plane from Seattle to JFK! In fact, there is a certain cause why you cannot do this.

It is because you can only include a Alaska Airlines position fly if it is available at the low save state. To find these tickets, the best way to find them is not to look on the website of Alaska Airlines. Instead, you should look on the American Airlines website, which only displays air fares to Alaska in tariff categories that can be combined with a companion one.

There is no perfect night service that would give you a whole full night in New York for affiliate rewards, so you can't use it. The use of the American Airlines web site, however, added another one. Due to this plane going to another New York area airfield and the accommodation, this itinerary did not appear on the Alaska Airlines website (although Alaska's website, in his honor, is much better at compiling non-conventional travel routes than most others).

It' difficult to see here, but I gave the LGA on the entry to New York and JFK on the exit. You could not have bought a New York plane or booked two different rewards. This route, however, uses Alaska's recently extended route system to incorporate positionings.

No, there is a supplement for petrol, British Airways has a below-average air fares and there is a compulsory night in New York. You fly, however, in First and Busi ness classes to London and have a whole full days to get to New York on the way. Next and next times you're looking for a reward with the Alaska Airlines mileage plan, remember that you can include Alaska Airlines travel at no additional cost on your travel route - if you find partners' willingness.

This is the difficult part, but with a little creativeness and a little happiness you can extend your mileage even further! and Avianca Airlines Mileage Plan Meilen. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan had an inconvenient high credit and there is an amazingly good distinction on her card. There are only 70,000 points from the USA to Johannesburg at the Cathay Pacific in the First and Businessclass ("First Class" to Hong Kong and "Business Class" to Johannesburg).

It costs 62,500 points if you can fit all the way in your seat in your TravelLine. What about the economics fares? There are 55,000 points in the Premier Economics (which for me is an absolutely no-brainer, considering how much better that is than having the Premier Economics class). Only 15,000 more points are needed to get into the first category than into the second.

Don't get me wrong, Cathay Pacific has a fairly tidy economics class (although it's overly tight with 10), but first and second classes are much more beautiful. It' s difficult for me to get a good night's rest in Economie so on the first leg of the journey I get drunk, but when I have a lying down flatbed I can get there fresh and clear to go.

That prize is one of those "almost too good to be true" and also "too good to hold" sweetspots on the Alaska Recognition Charts. This is widely regarded as the best ever "sweet spot" in the aviation world. This was also the case for a few years with American Airlines' Alaskan Awards (where it was significantly less expensive to earn American Airlines Mileage Plan Points than to earn American AAdvantage Points), but finally their bigger affiliate recognized what was going on and let the go.

Since Alaska is getting too big to "stay under the radar", I am expecting the price list to depreciate pretty soon. Emirates and American have already done so, and Cathay Pacific will do the same. How do you make exceptional good awards charts sweetspots that probably won't last?

It' not an automated "book them!", but for a 20k mil differential, I think it's definitely rewarding to take an additional tag out of the journey. But I don't want to trivialise 20k kilometers - there are two round trips from Seattle to San Francisco on the Alaska Awardsart.

And the value of what I can get out of 20k mileage is about $480, at 2. 4 cent per mil that I can usually push out of Alaska mileage. Recall how I estimate miles: not in relation to the spot rate of a luxury cab fare, but in relation to what I would have paid in spot money for a ticket.

But the most difficult part of reserving this distinction is searching for uptime. Indeed, premium ticket to South Africa on Cathay Pacific are virtually a monocorn. Even in Economical Classe, this is a difficult itinerary. But when I looked around, on December 28, two places were open in Hong Kong to Johannesburg doing my classes.

If you book to South Africa in the southern part of the country this is one of the most difficult to get reward ticket and it stared me in the face. All I had to do was find a plane to Hong Kong on December 26 ( which was necessary given the timetable) that could get connected to it.

Not expecting to find anything, I began looking for available properties in the Cathay Pacific Gateway on the west coast. Alaska Airlines allows stops in Hong Kong, but I would miss Christmas with my familiy, which was a non-starter.

There was a plane from Los Angeles, but he came to Hong Kong after the departure of the Johannesburg plane. Then I saw it: a unique first-class car that is available from San Francisco to Hong Kong.

While Alaska has virtually no stock control if British Airways is missing, British Airways may have stock control if it is not available for Alaska Airlines. It is not uncommon for British Airways members to have 4 places, while Alaska has only one or two.

Yet I phoned Alaska, and they could see the seating I had found along with an Alaska plane from Seattle to join it. It should be noted that British Airways also had an optional choice in the Premier Economics. If I had been able to find BA stock in Business School, it would have taken me $288 out of my bag and fifty kmile.

Rules #1 for receiving the best honor is, "Book the honor that is actually available. "Disregard theoretic numbers on an awards chart: living stock is what really matters. There was a certain timeframe when I wanted to travel, and there was price available without extra charges in First/Business but not in Economy.

One of the prize charts featured a high-end "Sweet Spot" stateroom, which adapted to the stock of awards. It is a very difficult "sweet spot" to actually post, and it is one that is likely to go away soon. It is extremely seldom available. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan redemption on Cathay Pacific does not include additional charges compared to other programmes.

In the Alaska programme I had a higher mileage than I felt good with maintenance. It was a piece of cake for me to do this. Traveling in premier staterooms will not be overlooked, although I usually save my mileage, and I don't really enjoy focusing too many mileage in a singular itinerary.

Although it is terribly costly to pay out so many mileage, I think this was an honorable mention and it was definitely valuable to pay for it. You' re much more likely to look back on an ECONOMIC CAT to Ecuador on the poorest spot in a local plane than over Cathay Pacific First Clas.

I' m going to cover South Africa and St Helena in the next few weeks or so, but the elephants in space are the long-haul one. All of them were chartered in luxury staterooms and that's pretty atypical for me, so I thought I'd make a contribution about why I spend my mileage this way and why in this particular case I think it makes perfect business for me, given my own circumstances and the possibilities I had.

I' ll also be writing two "deep dive" essays on the mechanical and economic aspects of making reservations for these trips. It' s in many ways a truly singular trip, the procedures and promotion are very odd, and that is a whole item in itself, but these fares are only for sale ex-South Africa.

By far the most frequent intercontinental flight to South Africa lands in Johannesburg, but there are also intercontinental connections to Durban and Cape Town. Finally I made the decision to fly to St. Helena from Johannesburg and back to Cape Town, both because it was less expensive and because I wanted to see Cape Town.

I had to come to Johannesburg, one of the most challenging places in the whole wide range of countries, to get my points and mileage. After all, the threat of a suit suddenly brought my company's operations to a standstill. My intention was to go over the holiday period (or "holidays", as they call it in South Africa and St Helena) when the flight is completely full.

The airlines give away last minute sales of unsellable tickets to frequently used travellers, and as a rule they also give back canceled tickets at the last moment. Common belief when it comes to making rewards bookings is that you need to begin 330 trading day in advance when your reservation schedule opens.

It is a fact in the present sector environment that many airlines use revenues control software to analyze the number of airline passengers on a regular basis and make available seating to those who fly frequently on the basis of expected sales capacity utilization. That means that with many airlines you have several options to get an award-winning seat. Imagine a trip where five places in your next businessclass were provided for rewards.

For the time being, the carrier can provide two places 330 workingdays in advance. Sometimes even last minute cancellations are necessary. Another person's influenza need could be your way to go, as most airlines will reserve awards seating for you that has been canceled. It was possible for me to order the whole thing with the desired delivery times, as a stock became available at the last second.

Was there anything to do? Mixture of the most demanding and least ambitious first and lower end product in the industry. If I had purchased a reduced rate bus ticket, it would still have taken me about $7,000. Normally I go in economics and look for "sweet spots" on the awards chart to get the best possible ride distances and to get the best out of the lowest number of points.

I consider Africa a "sour spot" in Economical City. Dependent on which rewards programme you use, it can be 50,000 points in Business Travel for a one-way journey to Africa. Seattle is 14,237 nautical miles on the Asia route. It is about twice as far, so the value of a reclining flate is much higher, but unlike economy-class, it doesn't really matter (or much).

Taking a sound 27-hour ( or more) flight to South Africa is one of the few places in the wide arena where the upgrades are really good value for the additional mileage. My journey at absolute peaks was booked at one of the most challenging premium holiday locations without the need for additional petrol.

Reserving reward trips is part of the arts and part of the sciences. Namibia is the closest continent, more than 1,200 nautical miles away. Due to the high running cost, the planes there are very costly. In addition, there is only one airplane per weekly trip, i.e. when the airplane takes off, one is trapped on the islands for one whole weekend.

That' okay, but once you get there, you can make sat phone calls for $1.60 a min. It' usually very difficult to get points to Johannesburg, but not if you make a last-minute booking - I could use my Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan points to get a First-class ticket to Cathay Pacific (an uncommon thing for me, but also a No-Brainer; it's worth fiftyk points in Business and seventyk in First).

You can buy your ticket to St. Helena easily on the United website (although the flights are conducted by Airlink, a South African Airways subsidiary). Since the HLE is a new HLE and is not downloaded in most computer signage applications of tourist agencies, it is amazingly difficult to buy a ticket for this location.

Please be aware that there is only one weekly plane ride on Saturdays, so the minimum amount of stay on the islands is one workday. While it is well known that the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan mileage points are the most precious points in the business, they are usually regarded as so precious because of the large number of affiliates in Alaska.

Alaska' s partner airlines range from prime airlines such as Cathay Pacific and Emirates to specialty airlines such as Fiji. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan members have thus gained privileged entry to a very large number of destination areas. That year Alaska further enhanced the value of Mileage Plan points for redeeming them on its own flight by switching to a floating reward graph, allowing travellers who plan in advance to earn only 5,000 reward points on many favorite itineraries ( e.g. between Seattle and the Bay Area).

Alaska' s routings, however, are some of the most restricted and liberal in the business and so I just (legally, by all means, please don't hurry me!) chopped my way to Defcon. You cannot mix and match affiliates for a premium for each driving lane.

It is only possible to pair one companion with an Alaska service, and the Alaska connection service you use must have "saver" capability (which can be very difficult to find on some itineraries, especially in places like Adak or Barrow). For example, you cannot travel Alaska from Seattle to JFK, catch an American Airlines ticket to London and then KLM to Amsterdam.

Affiliate Awards are single partners (with one exception: you can mix Air France and KLM services as they are operated by the same company). To make the rule even more disappointing, Virgin America is regarded as a "partner" for routings, so your route cannot contain Virgin America flight (s) if it is a mate.

As if that weren't enough, just to make things more complex, reward travel with Korean Airlines or Delta Air Lines (note that the Delta relationship ends on May 17) must be on a round tour. From a technical point of view, you can make a reservation, but you still get the return fare! Although the routeing regulations can make it very hard to find an honor that works at all, Alaska has an exceptionally liberal policy that makes it possible at least most of the time: intermediate stops are permitted.

Rightly so, this compensates for the much more stringent airline route regulations compared to other mileage programmes by enabling you to spend more time waiting between trips, so you can build connecting routes. Here is an example of a reward you can earn with the Alaska Airlines mileage plan that you could not earn with American AAdvantage:

Accommodation is permitted on a US route with the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan. With very few exemptions, American will allow no more than a 4-hourstop on a US inland voyage. However Alaska will allow a break on a trip within the country so that you can make a reservation. It' not perfect, but it's also very difficult to find the availabilities of saver-level awards between Seattle and Charlotte (and keep in mind that when you make a affiliate gift reservation, you have to find saver-level awards all the way across the room).

Alaska' s extensive stop-over policy makes it possible to reserve distinctions that would otherwise be out of the question. Alaska, which allows intermediate stops, is particularly useful considering the extensive rail networks they run and the associated restricted services. There are, for example, only two weekly departures to Adak. It would be practically unfeasible for Adak residents to reserve decorations for places other than Anchorage without a halt.

Given the very special operational environments in Alaska State (but not only there, Hawaii and many Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana country community faces the same challenge), Alaska's stop-stop policies are a convenient requirement for many of its members. However, there are some rather imaginative ways to use intermediate stops to get the most out of a reward tickets.

Alaska Airlines enables you to take full advantages of the stop-over regulations. In general, with Alaska you can make a break at a hubs or connection town. 8,112 leagues traveled for 32,500 points. I could not really use Las Vegas on this travelroute as a stopover on the way to Costa Rica, as there are no direct further there.

But I could use Los Angeles, because there is a continuation from there. It' a one-way ride or 3,818 Southwest Rapid Rewards points for the ride. It is possible to use Delta for this sector because Delta is still a Alaska Airlines affiliate for another 6 week and because I bought a return airfare so it was calculated properly.

It' s a fairly traditional way back to Seattle from San Jose - I have to duplicate the connection via Dallas and Portland because that was the only available reward. You' ll find I'm going back with American Airlines from San Jose to Dallas - but that's OK. Alaska bonuses allow you to use only one mate ( plus Alaska trips ) per flight per option, but I will not use more than one here.

Even though the tickets must be a return flight for Delta or Korea segment in order to get the correct fare, you do not have to use these airlines in both ways. Did you find it simple to make a booking? It' really very difficult to actually make such bookings in real life, which is why more folks don't (and probably why Alaska still allows it).

It made me need to go to a different town from the one I have to land in, stay 3 longer in Costa Rica than I had planned, take off trips both at 12:00 a.m. and 6:something in the mornings, and make a phone call to fix everything after the website suffocated.

Nevertheless, I am allowed to travel 8,112 real Butt-in-Seat mileage for only 32,500 points. $2 cent per mil in value (after tax that I payed in hard currency and mileage that would otherwise have been earned). Thats 10% over what the Point Guy says Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan points are worth--and even more important, it's a hands-on value.

It' re relying on economics class-tickets that I would have purchased and payed for otherwise. Have you got Alaska Airlines mileage? Remember that a stopover is an optional feature that can create both value and versatility for your reward redemption! That means that flies, and peaks are costly.

Whilst Phoenix recently had a spectacular low cost of flight tickets (up to $59), it was over $400 for the data and time I wanted. But I had five different kinds of mileage I could use, so I thought it would be rewarding to see if it could be used.

If you are driving to a favorite location during a favorite period of your life, it is usually not possible to use mileage. Sometimes, however, it is possible if you have some degree of freedom in both the points used and the way you make the booking. Southwest points are calculated according to the cost of a given pass.

You are working with United in the USA who did not have access to the appointments I requested. Deltas had the uptime for a stupid number of points: An Alaska could get me there with a 12,500-mile partnership combining American with Alaska. However they do levy a $12.50 tax in excess of the tax if a affiliate is concerned.

Alaska' s own air services had the lowest rate of exchange of 20,000 mile. Every round trip was 30,000 leagues. But I was able to do the same one-way ticket with US Aadvantage Points - a Las Vegas to Alaska ticket combined with a US ticket to Phoenix - for free.

I had just over the necessary 12,500 points with the Americans. This was a good cash in for me because US points are less inflexible than many (a 3-week pre-sale is needed to prevent a $75 last minute reservation fee). Payed airfare would be over $200, so the payback value was about 1. 6 eurocent/point.

I' ve now deleted my US bankroll. Much less was available. There was no Alaska low available that came back neither on Saturday nor on Sunday after Thanksgiving. This would take 30,000 mileage, which is not exactly cheap - it would be less than 1 penny perile. The southwest was predicated on the cost of the plane, which was silly high.

The Americans had no access, and I had no advantages anyway. And Avianca had no availabilities. And then I ran a check on Delta, and they had Saturday uptime! This was a delta trip to Los Angeles combined with an Alaska trip to Seattle. 12,500 mile. At the time of my reservation I used a number of techniques:

There was no available on a roundedtrip scan. The one-way quest also found no available airlines in some destinations, but I could find a way to get me there and back. If you combine an Alaska and Delta service, Delta allows you to make one-way bookings. Alaska Airlines does not; you must make a round-trip reservation if a delta section is contained.

Whilst I could from a technical point of view have used the Alaska Airlines nautical miles to make this route, the Delta section was not displayed as available on the Alaska Airlines website. Had all my mileage been connected to an air carrier, I would not have been able to travel this route. Disregard those who say you have to make a reservation a year in advance:

Ongoing changes in the frequency of flights. When you want to take an exorbitant plane ride, it's almost always worth using your mileage. Although you may not find a return ticket to your final travel location, you may still be able to make a point route and cut costs by half.

Flexibility in terms of timetables and readiness to make a connection: There was a very restricted selection of flying time. Much more difficult to use rush hour mileage when you need two passengers travelling together. U.S. frequent flyer mileage is expensive to use if you don't reserve in advance. Please contact us for more information. It is well known that Delta mileage is difficult to use (at sensible prices).

When you' re still making vacation arrangements, don't take into account the possibility of using your mileage, even if you travel to a favorite and costly location.

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