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Where can I find the cheapest flights? Please use our low fare calendar to find our best fares by date. Locate your flight and rates - Syracuse Hancock International AirportSyracuse Hancock International Airport

It' s your turn to begin getting your tickets priced! Using the available online resource, many individuals choose to make their own personal itinerary, which includes making airline reservations. When you are among them, we have put together some useful hints to help you find the most cost-effective way to get to your goal.

Make sure you are comparing the overall costs (petrol, car park, driving times - it' s money!) and not just the prices of a single caravan or a caravan. Best buy day is usually Tuesday or Wednesday 6-8 week before your itinerary. Stay agile with your travelling data, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are usually the best flight times.

Look out for promotions. When you are very adaptable, you may get a lot if an air carrier does a specific promotional activity. Log in to get email notifications about these promotions with carriers. Considerate alternate aerodromes near your endpoint. In addition to a lower airfare, it can also be less costly to hire a vehicle at another one.

Although we are not tour operators and cannot arrange your journey for you, we have many years of aviation expertise and may be able to offer you self-help or refer you to one of the SYR based airline companies for reservations.

Find low cost airline tickets at peaks

Daylight saving time and life is simple, so the tune goes - but to find low cost air fares is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for weekends and peaks between the end of June and mid-August when children and teenagers are on holiday. Europe, a top class holiday resort, can be particularly expensive.

XL Airways, for example, operates flights from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami to Paris for much less than more well-known carriers. Norway has lower fare to Europe from JFK, LA, Oakland and San Francisco, and Wowir from Boston, LA, San Francisco and Baltimore. Recently, XL showed rates at $762 roundtrip non-stop from New York to Paris, for example for a journey from July 31 to August 15; Delta calculated $1,065 for the same data.

When you find a low cost rate from Boston or Baltimore, but stay in New York, you should take a coach to the cheapest source and fly from there. If you are not tied to holidays, travelling after 15 August or so is less expensive than travelling before that date.

Recently there was an epidemic fare war over flights to Sydney, which was applicable for summers (yes, it's "winter" Down Under) on the $500 round voyage from many US airfields. Register for email fare notifications to targets you see from sea kayaking sites, or join the #airfare hash tag on Twitter to find out more about these deals before it's too late. Get the latest email notifications from us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

When you stay in the USA this sommer, the old suggestion to go on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday to get the best rates still applies. However, there is no "magic" weekday or daytime to look for and block the cheapestfare. When you have restricted holidays and have to go on weekend trips, try looking for Thursday departure and Monday return mornings.

Getting back on Monday at 6 am will be much less expensive than getting back on Sunday at 7 pm and could still get you to the station on schedule if it's a quick commute.

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